TGIF! I made it through the first week back to work and it’s only the beginning. What I mean is next week I start my 16 week journey to the Boston Marathon, and School. I took off from running this week to make sure my legs were well rested and ready. Last night I did hit the gym up last night instead of AKB, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome 1 hour workout.


30 min ET Machine
3sets of 15 bicep curls
3sets of 15 overhead presses
3sets of 15 shoulder presses
3sets of 15 pull downs
3sets of 15 overhead triceps extensions

in between each set I did 50 ball sit-ups/plank or 15 push ups. Then when I was done with weights I did Mark Silinas challenge from Wednesday.

1. 30 squats
2. 15 push ups
3. 30 second wall sit
4. 25 jumping jacks
5. 30 second plank
6. 15 Burpees

I did it twice, it was a great way to finish my work out, THANKS MARK!!!


We started a new book in our community group last night, called Love and Respect. Hubby and I have already read it together before we got married so now it will be nice to go back and read it now that we have been married for a little bit. I know I need to re-read it, I forgot some very important resources that I know I could use right now:) I am always looking for ways to improve my role as a wife.

Through the study I enjoyed an Amy’s Bean and Cheese Burrito! It was sooo good, I found these at Target and they were so cheap and well worth every penny! I actually got a few more of Amy products at Target that I never see anywhere else.

december27th 008


This morning hubby was off to another interview, that’s right he got called back in for a second interview, I HOPE HE GETS THE JOB!!!! I was left alone to make my own coffee and a bowl of cereal. I know pretty boring for a Friday morning but none the less it was yummy.

The Mix:

1/2 c Puffins
1 c GoLean Crunch
1 c Almond Milk
1/2 banana
1 scoop of Almond Butter

with a piece of whole wheat cranberry apple butter toast.

december27th 003 december27th 004

and my cup of French Press coffee!

december27th 007


It’s time to let you know about a product I have been loving. It has helped me through the hustle and bustle of the season! It’s called Snacktrition, have you heard of it?

The people at Snacktrition so kindly sent me some of their product to review on my site. I was excited because I love almonds, cashews, and trail mix. I have been enjoying all of their wonderful flavors, in salads, oatmeal, on the go, and even in my dinner entrées.

So what makes their nuts different from the rest? snacktrition-logo

“Snacktrition is enhanced with key nutrients such as calcium and fiber, which makes good-for-you foods like almonds and cashews better than ever. Made from real fruit and nuts, every bite is bursting with mouthwatering flavor and a crunchy texture that every snacker craves!”

It’s easy to get your fiber and protein in with Snacktrition, so why is 95% of Americans not getting the recommended daily amount of fiber (20-30g)??!!! It’s time to change that.

Look at all there wonderful and tasty flavors:

Calcium Sea Salt Almonds

Calcium Smoked Almonds

Fiber Salt and Pepper Cashews

Fiber Sea Salt Cashews

Calcium and Fiber Fruit & Nut Mix

This is so perfect for everyone, athletes, mothers, students, busy people, kids, and so on and son on. The best part is it’s reasonably priced!


Snacktrition is kindly offering prizes for three winners here at Nhershoes, and each winner will receive five bags of Snacktrition (one of each flavor). All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what is your favorite nuts and why?I will be using to draw three winners! This is for U.S. bloggers only, sorry others. You have until January 16, 2009 at midnight pacific time.

Have a great Friday friends, I am going to see Bride Wars with the girls tonight, anyone else have fun plans?


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