Friday Fun: Lunch With Jared

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to have lunch with Jared Fogle “The Subway Guy”. Fun RIGHT?

I arrived at the Subway and knew it was worth the two hour drive when I saw that this sweet face was there! Monica, Skinny Runner and Rose and Her Sweatiness were there too!!

The blog friends and Jared.

We all joined around a table for lunch while Jared gave us a brief synopsis of his story. I have to say it was super inspiring!!  Jared  spoke about his lifelong struggle with his weight and the steps that he has taken over the past 13 years to stay healthy. He said that deep down he always knew what he should and shouldn’t be doing but just made poor choices. Most of his poor eating decisions were made outside the house. His journey to his amazing weight loss all started when he was in college and decided one day that he was going to make a change. He started eating two subway sandwiches his favorite being the sweet onion chicken sandwich!

He emphasized portion control as being critical to weight loss success adding that “you have to be smarter than the menu”. Once you understand and control what you are putting in your body everything else will fall into place.

While we ate our subs, he gave some tips that have worked for him over the years:

*Don’t splurge everyday; splurge every now and then.  And don’t let your “now and then” become everyday.

*Once you reach your goal weight, you have to continually re-evaluate where you are.  Jared said that he’s noticed as he gets older, it takes more work and more exercise to maintain his weight.

*When he’s at home, he exercises every day.  He has a personal trainer and says it’s completely worth the investment because his trainer pushes him harder than he would on his own.

*Jared’s New Year’s Resolution is to work out more regularly while on the road and traveling; it’s more of a struggle to work out while traveling instead of being in a routine at home.

*When eating out, “be smarter than the menu” meaning avoid the deep fried foods, ask for all sauces on the sides, ask for things that might not be on the menu.

*He still eats Subway multiple times a week when traveling because he knows it’s healthy and knows exactly what’s going on it and he can customize it to what he wants.

He also let me get into his pants, you can check that out here 😉

What an amazing journey and inspiration Jared has to share!!!

Eat to live as opposed to living to eat – Jared

Remember  it’s FebruANYTM  at Subway – Any regular Footlong Sub is just $5 February 1st – 29th.

Head on over to Subway today.