OOOOO I am so happy it’s FRIDAY!!!! I love being a teacher, because we have the whole week off for the Holiday!


I woke up this morning bright and early and ran. It’s about time. I am exercising daily, but haven’t been home to run. I was short on time this morning so I made it a tempo run. TEMPO RUN Basic definition: sustained run at faster than usual training pace.

Love this quote: “If I had to pick one factor that separates good competitive runners from everyone else, it would be consistency in training.”

How to do a good tempo run: Warm up by running easily for at least 10 minutes. Do the tempo part I try and run at my racing pace a little under 7 minute miles (if I was training for a marathon I would run a 7:40 tempo) and then run easily for at least another 5 minutes to warm down.


My Stats:

Distance 4.78 miles
Time: 37:44 minutes
Avg Speed: 7:51
Max Speed: 4:50
Calories Burned: 577

Bringing my total POTM total to 24.2!!

Once again I have a lot of hills were I live so today I used some major word inspiration. As I tackle a hill I say to myself “you own this hill, it’s not going to beat you, you can conquer it!” Once starting up the hill I try and stick to my pace or even better pick it up. Today on my last hill I looked down at the Garmin and it said 6:50 at the bottom of the hill when I got to the top I looked at it and it said 5:45!!! This friends is why I run, for the challenge!

I am planning on hitting the gym tomorrow morning for a spin class and do some weights, so that way I am not wasting away that gym membership.


I am trying to lose about 3 pounds by Thursday, why you ask? Because I would like to have a few flexible pounds for the Thanksgiving, not that I plan on gaining ANY weight but just in case. So I figure if I skip the sweets, alcohol, and extra handful of snacks until Thursday I should lose it easily, would anyone else like a few flexible pounds?


This morning I made me a waffle sandwich. McDonald’s has McGriddles and Burger King has their breakfast sandwiches, so I thought “Why shouldn’t I have my own creation?”, a lighter one that is. So here it is enjoy!

McCormick McGriddles

2 Whole wheat toaster waffles
1 egg
2 pieces of turkey bacon
Drizzle of light maple syrup on both sides

PROBAR #1 Maple Pecan

I tried my first PROBAR Yesterday courtesy of Kendell, it was super yummy. I had half for morning snack and half for afternoon snack; it has a total of 400caloires, and 22 grams of fat! It would be a great meal replacement if you’re in to that, I need real food. It was like a special treat to me, a little salty though (I am not a fan of salt). I don’t like all the fat, but some fat is much needed. Will be taking the to Nashville in my goodie bag for the week.


Ok so my friend Sandy told me about this amazing website called I can’t believe I have never heard of it! I checked it out last night, and am so excited about using it. I love how easy it is to track your food diary (not that I enjoy counting calories). It’s not only for losing weight, but it has everything from training for an Iron man to spending time with your family more! This is so cool and I am ready for the challenge! I love technology. Check it out and tell me what you think.


First off, I want to start by thanking Moran the running addict for this is the first award I have gotten thanks Moran!

Here are the rules:

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I’m giving this out to:

1. Meghann @ The Inner Workings of a College Graduate
2. Andrea @ Off her Cork
3. Caitlin @ See Bride Run
4. Amanda @ Run to Finish
5. Monica @ RunEatRepeat


Traveling with 3 boys can be pretty interesting, here is some special highlightsyou’re your enjoyment from our road trip this past week.


Alright today is filled with check lists. I have 24 hours until I head out to Tennessee.

Work till 6
Work on BSI Meal 6:30-7:30
Clean 7:30-8:30Pack 8:30-9:00pm
Plan out vacation/ work out schedules and catch up on blogs the rest of the evening!

Spin class 8:30am
Fly off to Nashville 12pm

I am off to a work, we have a Thanksgiving feast planned…hopefully I’ll be good;)


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