Friday Fun+Winner of MixMyGranola

Wow it’s Friday is anyone else as HAPPY as I am that this week has come to an end?! Not that it was a bad week, I just have so many fun things going on this weekend:

  • Dinner tonight at a new Organic Pizza Place that I have been dying to try.
  • Saturday Morning 4:30am WAKE up call for the Slick 26, the running group that I joined is hosting their own marathon!! I am doing 18-19 miles.( with some new shoes).
  • Saturday Evening, am going to my school’s Spring Gala, I get to wear a FANCY dress🙂
  • Sunday I am volunteering at the Pasadena Marathon!
  • Sunday night Hubby and I are going to a Hockey game with some friends!!!


    This morning I woke up and Pink and I had an amazing Yoga practice! All the speed work this week made my legs exhausted. I did Yoga for Runners, from My balance is getting better, I actually could stay in half moon as long as she asked me to. Today I am focusing on being intensional about my rest day. I have a 19 mile run tomorrow, I need the rest! Coach AL says it like this, “You are ONLY as good as your LAST recovery DAY.” Do you take your recover days seriously??

    I also made some Blueberry and STUFF Oats:


    The Mix:

    • 1/2 c oats+1/2 c Hemp Milk+1/2 cup H2O
    • Vanilla
    • 1 tbsp Flax Seed
    • last of my blueberry plank
    • handful of Bobbi’s Granola Greatness
    • handful of peanuts
    • fresh blueberries
    • spoonful of Naturally More PB


    Alright I have been keeping you all waiting long enough! I have the winner of the MixMyGranola Give-Away. First let me tell you how I picked the winner, which was quite the process. I went to Random.Org and pulled 3 different names. One from the comments, one from the people who linked the contest on their blogs, and one from the emails that answered the question, “what am I doing this weekend” . I then took those three names and wrote them on index cards and threw them in an oatmeal bowl:)


    And the winner is….


    Meghann from The Inner Workings of A College Grad!!! CONGRATS GIRL!

    Well guess what?! The kind people at MixMyGranola have given NHerShoes readers a coupon code offer all of your readers. Each reader can get $3.00 off their order when using promotion code “NHERSHOES”!!! Order your very own MIXED GRANOLA today!!! So everyone is a winner:)

    Alright folks I am out of here, need to catch up on all of your blogs!!!


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