FROYO Kind of Night

My free lunch at work held me over so well that I didn’t even need a snack before dinner. In fact when I got home I wasn’t really that hungry so I made a light dinner before my AD meeting.

I still have some Morning Star Patties in the freezer, these one’s are one of my favorites, but I would rather make them homemade.


I topped an Arnold’ thin with some spinach, avocado, and Dijon mustard. 


The perfect easy light dinner. 


Hubby and I went to my first Athletic Director meeting with the other AD’s in our league. It helped me understand what my role really was. I am excited for my new position and I am so glad that Hubby is helping me out!!! Hubby has a degree in Sports Management he couldn’t be a better assistant!

After our meeting we were both craving some FroYo. I haven’t had a single sweet this week, I was CRAVING! We checked out a new self serve yogurt place called Nubi. They had some of the most wonderful toppings!!!


I was super indecisive and got three small servings of different types of yogurt, berry, praline, and vanilla.


I was so excited they had banana!! I topped it off with granola, carob chips, heath bar, and almonds.


mmmm…this was light and perfect! I normally don’t go with berry yogurt,(I am a peanut butter chocolate kind of girl), but this one was AMAZING!

I have 6am boot camp tomorrow morning but I don’t have to go into work until 1pm!!!!! I am working late tomorrow for a conference I am helping check in. What will I do with myself all morning?!!! I am sure I will find plenty to do.

Morning Check List

  • Boot Camp
  • Breakfast + Coffee
  • Blog
  • Make a new play list for work
  • Budget Stuff(trying to work on a new budget)
  • Clean Shower
  • Mop+Sweep
  • Finish Skinny Brides, Bridal Shower Invites
  • Work on details for Bridal Shower

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Nite Nite!


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