Fruit Day Friday

Praise GOD it’s Friday :)!

Thanks everyone for the support on my next marathon, now I am thinking twice about doing it because everyone is doing VEGAS!!

This mornings boot camp was soooooo HARD! I even pushed myself as well…my cousin Celina helped me with this killer AB workout! These get me every time.

When I got to work today I made myself some whole wheat toast, nanner, and PB :).

I also brought in some fruit for FRIDAY FRUIT DAY from our garden! Friday fruit day is something I made up, don’t worry you didn’t miss another Hallmark Holiday.

I have such a fun weekend planned. Two of my favorite teenagers are coming to stay with me and Hubby over the weekend while their Mom and Dad are out on a retreat. Tonight we are going to hit up the mall, dinner and see a chick flick, anyone have any suggestions???
Tomorrow we are headed out the Beach, and Sunday is up in the air.
I love being a girl! I have four brothers so getting in some girl time will be so FUN!!!!


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