fun in the kitchen

This afternoon after Church Hubs and I went over to the Beaver’s(D&James) for lunch, a walk, and of course football! Danielle and I went to the market first and picked up some grub while the boys enjoyed the game.


Love cooking + chatting with friends 🙂 Look you can see D’s prego tummy showing a bit, so cute!


James made his infamous burgers 🙂 Do you know the last time I had a beef burger was a James burger????



With all the fixings…


D’s fruit salad, so yummy! Just mixed with cinnamon and OJ.


Well we cooked we ended up finishing off this entire bag of Hawaiian Kettle Chips, it has jus been a Hawaiian type of day!


My glorious plate 🙂 I also made Sweet Potato fries.


After lunch D and I went for a walk with Rosie…

photo (1)

and we stopped to smell the roses. The street of Redlands are so beautiful I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the Victorian homes we admired.

photo (2)

Such a fun and chill afternoon, love the BEAVER’S!!! I can’t wait until one day we all have kids together and take family vacations…No Baby plans Yet!


When I got home I debated on what to do for the rest of the evening. I knew I wanted to go to KB, but it was raining so I felt like just being a lazy but. BUT the RAIN lost and I went anyways!!! I am so glad I did, Heidi kicked my butt again and it was great!


So glad we had leftovers from our Thai Dinner last night because the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I made a spinach salad to go along with it.


I also added Chunky Chickpeas to it as well to give it a little more umph.



And because I am taking tomorrow off as a Holiday I had a small glass of wine to wash it all down. 


I didn’t do much Sunday Prep today, because I have the whole day off tomorrow, I CAN’T wait! I have lot’s of plans: running in the morning, some cleaning, get some organizing done, fun video, and more fun things I am sure!

Off to snuggle with these two( Hubby is going to kill me for putting this pic up, love you Babe).