Sadly I had to eat out tonight(minus 5 points for TSL),but it was not under my control. I had a meeting I had to go to, but I will discuss more about that in the future. At least I got to go to the OH SO YUMMY Panera Bread!

I enjoyed a RAW salad:) Packed with lot’s of veggies.


Along with a cup of tomato soup, I think I could live off of sourdough and tomato soup!




When I arrived home I was still a little hungry, I so wanted some FROYO, but settled for a Green Monster (RAW). 1 cup water,1 very ripe banana,3 cups of spinach,1/4 cup frozen blueberries, all blended in the Vita-Mix! This hit the spot!

Today I think I did better at RAW WEDNESDAY! I had an apple and almonds for snack, a salad at dinner, and a green monster for dessert!!! I also had this bar too , but I am not sure if this counts as RAW?!


Love these bars, and here is a snap shot of my delicious and very filling lunch!  My lunches have been hitting the spot lately, I think it’s the avacado in the sandwiches, gotta love those MUFA’S!!!

I think I am on a sandwich kick!!! Do you ever get on food kicks? It seams to happen to me all the time.

The inside is the yummiest!


Alright folks I am POOPED, to say the least. I am running on empty here, I am going to catch up on your blogs and call it a night. My alarm is set to 5:30am and I have an early  Kettle Bell class in the morning, Jillian eat your heart out:)

Good night everyone!!

P.S. Thank You EVERYONE WHO HAS donated money to send me to SD, Ashley has raised $95.35! Only 25 more dollars to go!


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