Going To the Chapel..

GOOD MORNING!!!! What a weekend. The wedding in San Diego yesterday was absolutely beautiful. It was a garden wedding and the heat was making us a little cookoo…

Picture 166

Before we knew it, the girls were coming out. The flower girls were so cute.

Picture 170

The Bride and her Daddy.  SHE was STUNNING!

Picture 173

The ceremony was so nice, and the Brides Father did a great job at officiating.

Picture 175

All of us ladies and the Bride. We have been friends since middle school!

Picture 184

My HOT date! 

Picture 183

After the ceremony we headed over to the reception, but first hit up the Outlet Mall.

Picture 282

Oh and my dress, that I love, I got at Old Navy. I noticed that Meghann got it a recently too, great minds think a like :).

Picture 281 

The couple are both Dutch so there wedding banquet was perfect! 

Picture 186

Once inside of course us girls went in the ladies room to re-apply :).

Picture 193

Picture 195 

We picked up our place cards, all beautifully laid out.

Picture 188

There was even a table with cards to write wishes on for the Bride and Groom. 

Picture 191

Picture 190 

They also had ornaments for everyone to take as well…so cute.

Picture 189

The reception hall.

Picture 198

Our table.

Picture 200

More gifts! Erin and Warren are both Chefs, they actually met each other in Culinary School so these measuring spoons were PERFECT!

Picture 203

Hubby and I had some drinks!

Picture 205 Picture 206

Around the table..Ginger and Brandon.

Picture 220

Danielle and James 

Picture 221

Lindsay and Brian

Picture 222


Picture 223 

Dinner was so pretty! The chicken was garnished with a cucumber and tomato relish.

Picture 228

I loved the beautiful Hawaiian flower ;).

Picture 229

We toasted with Champaign.

Picture 230 

Then we all started getting a little silly!!!!

Picture 237

Picture 232

Picture 241

I swear you would have thought we were at the kids table! LOL

Erin and I have known eachother since we were 10 years old and I coldn’t be more happy for her!!! (P.S. I look PREGNANT in this picture!).

Picture 239Picture 219

Writing on the wedding frame.

Picture 218

Dancing with the kiddos! This kids was so cute, I wanted to take him home.

Picture 246

Dancing with the Bride.

Picture 248

Cake cutting time! 

Picture 209

The LARGEST piece of wedding cake I have ever been served!!! I just ate the filling :). 

Picture 264

Picture 265

They both looked sooooo happy! I know they will live Happily Ever After!

Picture 242 

When I got home last night I started feeling completely overwhelmed with all that I have going on this week. I nearly had a break down. Hubby told me that I needed to take Monday off as a “Mental Sick” day. I fought it, I hate calling in to work, but I knew it was the healthiest thing for me otherwise I was going to be way to STRESSED OUT this week. So today I am taking a “Mental Sick” day and preparing myself for a busy week.

This morning, I started with the best bowl of FALL OATS!

Picture 271

I made a bowl of oats and topped it with warm apple slices, cinnamon, and blueberries. With a scoop of Apple Butter!

Picture 269

I have my coffee in hand and I am going to get myself together so I can make use of this day.

Question: Have you ever needed to take a “Mental Sick” day?


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