Been resting the past two mornings sense the race, and it feels so good. Last night I taught my normal kickboxing class and now I am pooped. I always feel like I have done such a bad job when I look around and either see people stopping or having angry faces. I realize that, that’s probably cause there sweating there butts off, but I feel like they hate me. I guess I would hate me too if someone was yelling at me to push harder and kick higher. I don’t know I guess I am not used to the nasty looks:) But I know I was sweating so I know I did m job.

On a happier note, I found a place to stay in Boston for free. My goal this year is to qualify in October at the St.George marathon for the Boston marathon. I used to think that this was only a dream and that I could never run that fast, but now it has become a reality a tangible thing. The race falls on my actual birthday this year, and I think that would be quite an amazing celebration! It’s been a hard and wonderful training experience so far, and I can’t wait to see how far I will have come from the beginning.
I almost feel at times that the challenge is so great because I take it so serious. I think in life there are “runners” and then there are “RUNNERS”. I know sounds like the same thing but thiere not. The “runners” are folks who want to get up run a few times a week and that’s it, no races, no track, no getting faster, and certainly no tempo runs. Then there are folks like me, “RUNNERS”, those who long for those long runs, get excited about finding recovery drinks they love, and are passionate about running marathons. I wouldnt say that running defines who I am, but I think it is now a true part of what I am, a passionate lover of challenge. I always love a good challenge whether it be physically, or mentally. I live and long for the challenge, don’t you!?


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