Got power yoga?

“The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit word yug. The word means “to yoke, bind, join, or direct one’s attention. Yoga also means union, or to infuse. Power yoga is a system that has been developed to promote healthier and happier people. It combines physical movements with focus and breathing techniques to help bring balance throughout life. Power yoga helps strengthen, and stretch every muscle, while releasing tension, and stress. It a workout that is both physical and mental, and if done correctly can help anyone have a better quality to their life.”

I used to think Yoga was something people did just to relax and meditate. What I am learning now is that it is a must do for all athletes. I mean it is great for everyone, but those of us who torture our bodies all week, and take limited time to stretch, we need it! After a long run or even a short one, I am so quick to jump in my car and head home. When one of the most important parts of my exercise should be to stretch.

Training for this marathon has been challenging in so many areas. Mentally just as much as physically. I started doing power yoga, at least once a week and I feel so much better. When I get into the classroom, and am already dripping with sweat from the 120 degree temperature, I start to warm up immediately. This causes my body to be warm and it is easier( not simple) to get in to a deeper stretch, one that I would not do on my own. I challenge myself to sit in the stretch and allow my body to go deeper and deeper. It hurts, but its a GOOD hurt. You might be asking yourself what is a good hurt? Well it’s that kind of hurt that you experience during a deep tissue massage, it’s painful (but tolerable) but the release is AMAZING!

I have had some hip and knee tightness after our long runs these past couple of weeks, which is understandable because we have been running 20 milers, but with Yoga I have been getting a personal massage for free. My yoga practice is just that to me, a massage, and I enjoy it. What does your Yoga practice mean to you?


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