Green Monster for Two+ Music Ideas!

Can you believe it’s Friday, this week just flew by! I have to make this post quick, I still have to finish packing and getting everything ready to leave at 4:30am tomorrow morning.

This morning I went for a 30 minute jog around the block, legs felt tight at first but then warmed up and started feeling good. I ran SUPER EASY, and didn’t look at Garmin, but once to check on the time. I ended up running around 3 miles, which was what I was shooting for. When I got in I did all of my IT band stretches, and busted out the foam roller. I am developing a love/hate relationship with my foam roller, I love that I feel great after I use it,but it is PAINFUL(good pain).

For breakfast I tried to use up all my spinach and fruit so I made little C and I some major Green Monsters! I used strawberries, bananas, almond milk, PB2, Flax seed, cherries, blueberries, and protein powder.


I also had a light ww Thomas English Muffin with Naturally More PB.


Little C LOVED it!


Thanks for all the packing ideas! I managed to get everything in to one bag and now I am packing my carry on and getting that check list crossed off. I still need to make that Ipod playlist!!!

This is my race day/carry on bag!! I got it for Christmas and finally am getting to use it:)


Question for you: What is you favorite workout song that get’s you PUMPPED during your workouts???

Hope you all are having a HAPPY FRIDAY and enjoy your weekend!


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