Guest Post: Sunshine and Summertime Smoothie

By-Kristina from Kiss Me Sweetly

Hello everyone!

I’m so honored to write a guest post here on nHerShoes for Bobbi while she is soaking up some sun! I don’t know about you, but reading about her cruise has made me crave beaches, swimming pools, cold drinks, sunshine—anything that doesn’t involve sweaters, heaters, or shivering mornings. OK, OK, so it is only 50 degrees here in sunny Florida as I write this, but that is COLD to a thin-blooded Floridian like me! 🙂

To help ease our cruise-envy, I concocted a little pre-Summer treat to share with you. It tastes like a day at the beach and it is kind to your waistline. It’s really a mini-vacation in a glass…

Sunshine & Summertime Smoothie
Serves 1, about 280 calories


1 cup Coconut Water (or almond milk if you prefer a creamier texture)
1 large Banana
1 cup Frozen Mangos
2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Shredded Coconut



Add ingredients to blender in order above. Blend for 1-2 minutes, or until the smoothie reaches your desired consistency. Pour into your glass and ENJOY!