Have You Seen the Muffin Man?


food 040

I am so loving these Muffin Top Oats! I love breaking this muffin up in to fourths so I can enjoy a little bit of it at a time, instead of over indulging and then feeling like BLAH! 

food 031

The mix:

food 039

+ another wonderful Almond Milk Misto

food 041

I have a lot of things to accomplish this morning which means I will have to save my track workout for this evening. It has been in the high 90’s here in So CAL so I think my track workout will have to be at the gym for sure! 

I am kinda slacking on the TSL Challenge this week, and need a boost of encouragement. I haven’t rode my bike yet this week and because I have plants I have to pick up at school today so I will have to wait to ride my bike until tomorrow. I have eaten ALL meals at home, and plan on doing so for the whole week!!!

A little story to share, yesterday before teaching AKB I had about an hour and a half to kill. So I decided to hit up Ross(department store), to spend a gift card that I had. I only had $10 on the gift card, but $10 can buy a whole lot at Ross. What I finally ended up wanting to purchase was $19.99, as I was waiting in line I thought to myself over and over, do I really need this, I will have to spend $10 more dollars??? I was so proud, I put the bag away and ended up walking away not spending a DIME!!! Friends, this is a big step for me. Not that I squander a lot of money all the time, but that I just walked away!!! The Simple Life Challenge is changing my entire mindset!!!

Green Tip for the Day:

Are you in need of some de-cluttering? Is there things that you want to get rid of, but don’t have time for a yard sale?

Hit up these great online resources:

  • Craigslist and eBay – list your stuff for cash (or drop it off at an eBay iSold It store and let them do the dirty work – head’s up, they take around 40%).
  • Freecycle – this is the #1 online swap site for anything under the sun. Even if you live in Pierre, SD, we promise you’ll find others in your region with whom to swap.
  • Rehash Clothes – if you have duds hanging around, peddle ’em here.
  • Best Buy and Gazelle – both have trade-in programs so you can get cash or discounts for used laptops and iPods.
  • Swaptree – list and swap books, CDs, DVDs, and video games through the mail.
  • Bookbyte – sell that Econ 410 book you never want to see again. (Your school’s bookstore probably has a buy-back program too.)

Have a TTTTTeriffffic Tuesday!

P.S. Here’s something to make you smile today.

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