Her Morning With Jay Robb

Rise and Shine! I think I am getting used to the 5:30am wake up call, this morning I woke up without my alarm 🙂 For breakfast I am going to try and make my Green Monster and take it to work, I am hoping it stays cold and delicious!

I wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU to all of you wonderful readers for all of the wonderful thoughts and kindness about my first day, you guys are terrific!!!!

In this mornings Green Monster I am going to throw in some protein powder that I received from the wonderful Jay Robb. I have see these around on other blogs and have been dying to try them for myself!

food 379

Thanks to the lovely folks at Jay Robb for providing this coupon to all of my readers!


Go visit Jay Robb online right now and start shopping…especially all of you whey protein fans out there. U here Jay’s are the best!

Don’t forget to check out My Amazing Grass Giveaway! Hubby and I are off to the pool! Haven’t swam laps since last summer!

Have a great Tuesday Friends! DAY 2 here I come!

P.S. A few people asked about my journal, it’s not only a fitness journal it’s also a devotional. If you would like to check it out you can visit this link go to the Daily Training Diary section, and print one out for yourself 🙂


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