Her Thursday Things to Talk About

Morning peeps! Great news NO NIGHT TERRORS! Thanks for all the kind words, I think they all helped:) Last night hubby and I had our first date night of the year, and in the spirit of saving money we made a candlelight dinner at home and watched the recorded Biggest Loser. We made Whole Wheat Pasta, with  a Turkey Sausage Marinara.

december27th 013

december27th 016 I had a mixed green salad on the side, with a sprinkle of parm.

december27th 019 

I also enjoyed a glass of Cab, I ended up having two. This wine was on KERF, I got it from TJ’S  a great buy! I have been playing with my camera settings, sorry the pics aren’t so clear.

december27th 022 december27th 023

december27th 021

This is hubby and my first time watching the Biggest Loser from the start, man we were shocked at all that there was too see. Hubby was so encouraged that he was doing pushups througout the show!!! lol….Man I want to be a Bob or Jillian, what a challenging but rewarding JOB!!! That’s my next goal in life:)

This morning I woke up and made a beautiful bowl of
Banana Blueberry Oats:

The Combo:

½ c of oats
3/4 cup almond milk
½ c H2O
½ banana sliced
handful of blueberries
1/8 banana Pro Bar Crumbled 
Pinch of pumpkin spice
Handful of flax seed granola
Sprinkle of brown sugar
Spoonful of BARNEY Butter!

december27th 025  

Along with a cup of French Pressed Coffee!!!

december27th 027


I was so graciously given a chance to review a Power Pouch Sports Bra from Gracie’s Gear, thank your Gracie. Here is a little about who Gracie:is:

“ For the past eight years, Gracie has put her experience as an avid runner and trained exercise physiologist to work developing realistic training programs and inventive products that encourage women of all ages and sizes to become active and stay active. Eager to share her innovations and enthusiasm for running with a larger audience, Gracie launched gracie’s gear in 2006. gracie’s gear’s exercise products and services include the POWER POUCHâ„¢ sports bra and Gracie’s training programs for individuals of all fitness levels.”

It’s not just any sports bra, it has a large pocket in the front to hold a gel, an IPOD, your phone, or even your money!!!! There is a long bra top and a short bra top both have pockets in them called the Power Pouch. The Power Pouch has three compartments within the one pocket that sits outside the actual bra for all of your workout necessities.After last weeks fiasco in losing sixty dollars on a run, I am stoked about wearing this. I wore it to a kickboxing class and it was comfortable,  supportive, and cute. I will wear it on a run this week for sure! I really like there long top as well and hope to try one of those soon too!

december27th 008 december27th 009

I also have a new Nike Arm Band that is perfect for carrying things in as well, it fits an Iphone perfectly!!!!

december27th 011

What do you use to hold all your stuff on a run????

Alright folks I have a long day ahead of me,work, AKB(maybe just the gym) and then our Thursday Community Group.  We are starting a new series a book hubby and I did in our Pre-Marital counseling, Love and Respect. I hope you all are finishing this first week of the year off right, is it time to do a refresher of your goals already?


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