Her Thursday Things to Talk About: Her Detox Plan

Well sorta. I have decide to dedicate March as a Detoxifying month. Since I am giving up sweets and junk food for Lent, I felt I should also detoxify my mind and soul as well.


I am joining Tina’s 31-day Yoga Challenge. I love yoga, and I would love the challenge to do it every day. Here are Tina’s rules,

The rules are simple: For a day to qualify, there must be a minimum of 20 minutes of structured yoga. For me, this means some sort of guided yoga, like yogadownload.com’s audio sessions, yoga videos, or an in-person class. I officially start the challenge on Sunday, March 1.

I am excited, because I need a new challenge, I live for them really and I need to be stretching more. It also helps me to feed my soul for at least 20 minutes a day. Would any of you be interested in doing this???


Woke up at 5:15am to do a speed work out at the gym. I still don’t have my full voice back, but my body feels great. Here is a taste of what I did this morning. The main set was 12, 200’s at 6:30pace fast and 12, 200’s 8:30 pace slow. I can’t give you the full work out because it is Coach Al’s plan, but please feel free to ask me any questions you like! Please check out his site, he has some great stuff there too.

I did my run on the treadmill because it was still dark and cold outside. We have been having some weird and spooky kind of fog here lately. The run was challenging, but I love doing sprints, because it mixes the run up and keeps me consistent. In all I did 5 miles in 40 minutes and did some ab work with the medicine ball after. I also did some walking planks, my new favorite workout!


I sure did work up an appetite and was determined to make something different this morning. I looked through the fridge and look what I cam up with:

The Best FRENCH TOAST I have ever made. In the batter I put in one egg, one two whites,pumpkin spice,PB2, and some almond milk. I then topped each side with some coconut, was inspired by Kath’s maple coconut tofu.

I could actually taste the coconut in each bite, it reminded me of summer. I will have to try a more summer type French toast soon!


Then I topped them( I made two pieces with ww toast), off with a banana, 2 tbs of home-made cranberry sauce, some TJ’s cheese yogurt, and toasted pecans.


This stuff taste a lot like Fage, but cheaper. It makes the best substitute for sour cream, and whip cream. It is a little bitter like Fage, but with the added sweetness of the cranberry sauce the combination was explosive!

Tonight I have Thursday night group, and AKB! I am glad to be back to Kickboxing:) Oh and by the way, we have some major changes going on here in the McCormick household, will have to let you know soon!!!

I leave you with a picture of Bosco who I caught sleeping past 8AM!!! LUCKY DOG!


Have a inspired day!


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