Her Thursday Things To Talk About: POTM WINNINGS and CONTEST reminder!


So last night I was supposed to go to my Women’s Study, but when I got home Hubby had some O’ so exciting news and we had to go out and celebrate!!!! Yes that’s right friends, he got the job….to hear more about what’s been going on check out hubby’s post here. They offered him some amazing benefits, and even the capability to work from home a couple days a week (I know Bosco is excited about this).

We decided to go to our favorite local Thai Restaurant, Thai Chili. I ordered the Pineapple Yellow Curry with Chicken ( I am still eating a little meat).

I was playing around with the black and white feature on my camera.

december27th 003 december27th 004

Some brown rice, which I love that they offer but cost 1.50 extra!

december27th 005

My LARGE glass of water, trying to keep hydrated. I refrained from a glass of red that I always get here.

december27th 002

and the man that makes my heart skip a beat:) He’s so wonderful! 

december27th 001

I knew that the curry would make me super full as always, but I just didn’t care it was night of fun and relaxation, I think this is what everyone needs in the middle of their week.


I decided to try out some of Nature’s Path Organic Oats. I went with the maple nut flavor. This is the second product I have tried from their wonderful package they sent me.

Here is the Nutrition information:


I loved them, the texture was wonderful just like I made them in a pot on the stove. The flavor was not too sweet just a nice hint of maple and it tasted like it had a bit of hazelnut. When I went to read the ingredients HAZELNUT was in there. As well as: Organic rolled oats, organic evaporated cane juice,  natural flavor, and sea salt.

My Mix-ins:

1/2 banana sliced
handful of Pom Seeds
1/8 Peanut Butter Optimum Bar from Natures Path
1 spoonful of Pom Jelly

This was the first time I have put pomegranate seeds in my oats, it was so wonderful. I love the sweetness and crunch it adds!


A lot of you commented on how hard it is to get the seeds out of a Pomegranate. Well let me revile to you a little secret I learned.

First take a large bowl and put it in you sink.
Second take a strainer and put it inside this bowl, now take the Pomegranate and start cracking it open over the bowls while running it under warm water. Submerge the Pom in the water while breaking away all the skin. You should notice that all the seeds are sinking and the peeling and other stuff will float.
Thirdly and lastly, take a spoon and scrape off the peeling that is floating on top of the water and then pull up strainer to get all the seeds!

I know this sounds a bit confusing, I will have to post a video:)! Hope it helped someone.


I wanted to share with you something that I have come to love and never part with. My Camelbak water bottle, it is the way I stay hydrated. CamelBak is the first company to produce water bottles that are BPA free. They were kind enough to send me one plus some for my POTM winners!!! I love that it has a straw, makes it easier to drink when driving or riding a bike, and it’s SPILL PROOF (for klutz’s like me).  

Here is ours, Hubby’s on the left and mine on the right.

december27th 015

I think there might be a giveaway in the near future, so keep on the look out so you too can get your hands on one of these bad boys!


I am so sorry to all the POTM winners that have been patiently waiting for their winnings!!! I was waiting on a few more things to put in, and everything is here and will be shipped off tomorrow! So all of you who participated here is something to look forward to next year!!! All of the products featured here were generously donated by the following companies: CamelBak, Gas Caps, Coach AL, Head Sweats, and Gracie’s Gear. THANKYOU!!!!!

Third place winnings: Lacey @ Common Objects and Everyday Events: 127 total miles

december27th 009

Second place winnings: Monica @ RunEatRepeat: 131.38 total miles

december27th 010 

First Place Winnings: crowned the winner of the Inaugural 2008 POTM Challenge: Sammie @ runningwitharecipe : with 135.78 total miles

Also Gracie’s gear will be sending you a little something too:)

december27th 001

december27th 003

Still so proud of everyone for taking on the POTM challenge, can’t wait to do it again!!!


Alright so today I am running with my running buddy at 9:15am for a good 30 minute run. Then work, then Thursday group, then going to bed early I have my first day of school tomorrow at 8am!!!! Wish me luck:) Have a good one!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter this weeks give away for Snacktrition samples! Oh and if you have already entered let everyone know on your blog and you can leave another COMMENT!!!! Last day is tomorrow!! I am so sorry I think I had on their that it was the 9th but it is FRIDAY THE 16th, so get your comments in there!!!! Let your readers KNOW about it🙂 There are 3 winners so you all have a good chance!!!!


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