Her Wednesday Workout Tip: A Sexy Six Pack

The wonderful Ms.Mica Pie sent me these questions a while ago from a tag, thought it was about time I answered:)

1. What are the best and worst things about being the only girl among
four brothers?

Best things about being the only girl out of four wonderful brothers is I was always Daddy’s little girl/princess. I also will inherit 3 beautiful sister in laws I am sure!!! I also always got my OWN room. The worst thing, well there aren’t too many but I guess I think it would have always been nice to have a sister to share drama with, NOT!

2. What are you most anticipating for the Boston Marathon?

What a great question! Well I am looking forward to just going to Boston all together. As a History major, I can’t wait to see so many historical sites, and all the land has to offer. As far as the race, I can’t wait to see all the runners and fans that will be there, it will be a race of a lifetime, and it’s on my BIRTHDAY!!!!

3. What food will you absolutely NOT eat?

Not every much but I hate this gross purple lettuce that’s all bitter! I also will NOT eat horse radish! When I was a kid, my “friends” put it on my hand when I was a sleep and then tickled my nose so that I could rub it all over my face! I was so sick!

4. What is your most embarrassing/funniest running-related memory?

This is how I got my high school cross-country nick name BRABIE. It was like 100 degrees outside and everyone was running in there sports bras(o those high school years). So I decided to ditch my shirt too, but I forgot to take my regular bra off, so I was running in my NORMAL bra! Let’s just say all the boys were extra friendly after that…lol

5. If you could be any celebrity (entertainment or otherwise), who
would you want to be, and why?

Hmmm this is a hard one, I have never thought about this. I think I would want to be Jillian from the Biggest Loser, not really her just have her JOB! How rewarding would that be!

Alright on to this mornings eats/workout!


Went to bed late last night, that darn TV! I still got up at 6:30 so I could get in my morning with Jillians 30 Day Shred DVD, level 3! 


I made a delicious bowl of Pomegranate and Apple butter oats!

photo1I put in apple butter, banana, vanilla bean, and some egg whites,while they were cooking on the stove. Then I topped with some of my Honest Food Plank Bar, Pomegranate seeds, some flax, and a drop of cheese yogurt(a lot like Greek Yogurt). Love the way the yogurt gives the oats a creamy texture!



So the Sexy Six Pack Challenge has come to an end, but not for this girl. I am still going to be working on my core strength, I almost have that 6 pack I have always wanted!!!! This challenge had been a wonderful kick off for my life long strength training.

For the challenge I did the Jillian’s 30 Day Shred DVD workout at least 2 days a week( I am training for Boston right now too). You have all heard me rave about this DVD, and now that I am on LEVEL 3 and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Workout three is more then challenging, with higher impact cardio including:

  • jumping lunges(freakin hard)
  • jogging in place with dumbbells in your hands,
  • boxer punches with weights to make you feel that!  Michaels says, "Your shoulders should be screaming."

Yoga-inspired exercises such as:

  • walking planks
  • scissor abs
  • superman flutters

If you’re ready to throw in the towel after these difficult moves, Michaels admonishes, "When you want to quit…you just remember all those reasons you want to be fit and healthy."

Getting a six pack, or just a flatter stomach is not just about exercise , it’s also about what you eat. It is harder for women to get a six pack but not impossible! But please ladies do not make it a goal in life to have a 6 pack, your goal should be to be in shape for a lifetime.

Here are some top foods to get that six-pack you have always wanted:

When you are trying to achieve a six-pack, you should eat foods that are high in protein. Your meals should also include moderate levels of fat and complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables. Some of the foods you should eat include:



Egg Whites

Lean Chicken



Limited Dairy

You should also drink plenty of water when you are exercising and trying to gain a six-pack.

I am going to try and keep doing this video through my training and hope to be STRONGER then EVER!!!!

How are you getting you“sexy six pack”? Or shoot, just getting stronger then ever?!


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