Her Wednesday Workout Tip: Mind Over Body

Picture Hubby took from our backyard this morning: God’s Beauty

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Thursday is just around the corner, which means staycation is almost here. I have been a bit overwhelmed this week. have a fabulous Rainy Valentines day planned out, can’t wait to get some R&R. What are your plans for Saturday, anything different then the normal dinner and a movie?

I have to take my quiz tonight instead of on Saturday, because school is closed, makes life a little hectic. For the past 24 hours I have been working,sleeping(little),eating, and STUDYING. This Anatomy class is a killer, but I can do it! Tonight we have a quiz on the upper extremities of the body, which is helping to appreciate what I am made up of more and more. I do love my classmates, I have already made some great new friends.

I have a lot of studying to do so I must make this post short and sweet. First let me show you a few treats I had yesterday.


1 Soft Bean and Cheese Burrito+ 1 Bean and Cheese Tostado= Taco Tuesday! I found some fun stuff in the pantry to make this meal super healthful. Some low carb tortillas, low fat organic refried beans, light cheddar cheese, Fage, fresh salsa, and one whole wheat tortilla.

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These Tortillas are the best, their not as healthy as the WW tortillas so I just had one. I baked the WW tortilla in the oven at 400 for about 4 minutes, turning it into a Tostada!

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After dinner we took a study break and went and got some soft serve yogurt at our favorite yogurt place, I needed some brain fuel!

My Choice Non-fat Banana Yogurt + Low fat PB Yogurt. Topped with Heaven! Peanutbutter and Carob chips,a little reices pb cubs, toasted almonds, and graham crackers. mmmm…I was ready to get back to studying!!!!


Needless to say I didn’t’ get my run in yesterday, but I did do my Jillian DVD! Ok folks I know I have said this time and time before, but if you are looking to push your self this DVD is for you!!!! I will be making up my run today after lab tonight, which means I will be hitting the treadmill. I just need to get through today and then it will be smooth sailing until the weekend.


Pain is temporary! Ok so my tip for you all this week is mind over body. As a runner, I know that the mind is a powerful thing and when I am running over 7 miles my mind starts to play tricks on me, it says things like, “What the heck(the G rated version), why would you put your body through this, are you crazy!” I just yell back at it,” Yes I am crazy, crazy in love with running and fitness! I can do it, I can’t give up”.I know I am not the only one who has thoughts like this on runs, or am I?

Ok so here is my tip. When your mind tries to tell you you can’t do it, say positive things over and over again in your mind. Like PAIN IS TEMPORARY, and PRIDE IS FOREVER! Or is there something you say already, please leave a comment, I would love to hear it:) The mind is a powerful tool, it can be used for good or BAD!

Second tip. If your trying to lose weight, you have to get that heart rate up and back down quickly, just walking will not help you lose all the weight. So let’s get that heart rate up, if you like walking walk for 3 minutes and then run quickly for 2 minutes, and repeat 3-4 times. This way you are able to rest and then take off getting that heart rate up!!!! I know this might be tough at first but heck let’s not lie to ourselves, losing weight is now easy!!!!


Alright folks I am out of here, I can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs this weekend. I will have the winner of the Naturally Nutty Give-Away! tonight, after all the craziness is over!

P.S. Check out Meghan’s blog to win a Gracie Gear Sports BRA!!!! I have one and LOVE IT!!!!!


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