Her Wednesday Workout Tips: Tips From the Readers!

Hello lovely people. Thanks so much for the well wishes on my season of Lent! This post will be short and sweet, because I woke up with NO VOICE this morning. I feel ok, besides a terrible sore throat and stuffed up nose, but I spoke with a nurse on the phone and she said to come in and get checked out. If it is a virus it will just run it’s course, which means I could be better soon, but I am not playing God so I am going in:)

I was supposed to do a track workout today, but I will modify my workout plan for the evening after I find out what’s the deal. I did make some more Cran Oats!

The combo:

½ c of oats
½ c Almond  milk
½ c H2O
½ banana
Pinch of pumpkin spice
1/4 c warmed up and put on top cranberry sauce
1/8 of a Blueberry Honest foods plank
2 tablespoons of Wheatberries!
Handful of chopped pecans
with a scoop of Naturally Nutty PB

photo6 With a HUGE glass of Black Tea!

photo I can barely swallow so this was hard to eat, oo well it was still good:)


Well actually this week I wanted to share some of the great workout tips I got from my last give-away. Everyone had such great ideas, that I know you will ALL love:)

From Melissa of Trying to Heal:

Plan your exercise into your day as if it were a meetings…that way you can’t talk your way out of it!

From Mark at Healthy Living Today

Sprint Intervals for 1-2 minutes every 10 minutes! Get the HR up and get the burn on!

Kristie Lynn

Whenever I’m struggling with having the motivation the workout, I’ll plan a "date" with my fiance that is something like a tennis or racketball match, or an outdoor run. Then there’s no way I can cop out; the excuses I give myself are ridiculous and as soon as I think about telling him one of them I realize just how ridiculous they are. 🙂

Sara Anne

I remember reading this in several different places but if you do full squats with a bb its more effective to elevate the heels of your feet slightly by placing 2 plates underneath your heels while you squat!


If you are running on the treadmill instead of outside to train for an event/race, set the treadmills incline to 1 or so to imitate running outside.  When you run outside, there is no belt propelling you along, so having the slight incline makes you work a little harder, similar to when you run outside.

Junghwa Chung

1. workout buddy
2. listen to music
3. listen to your body and provide resting days so that your body could actually crave working out

Can you add to this list? Email me your best workout tip and I will be glad to feature it!!!

Alright friends have a Wonderful Wednesday, it’s the first day of Lent and I am ready to ROLL! I even a have a personal 40 day challenge that I cant wait to share with you all, at the end of 40 days:)


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