Her Workout Tip Wednesday: Shoes & Race Report

Dinner last night was fabulous! After all the craziness after work it was the perfect meal to satisfy this families hunger. I picked up this Pollo Asado at Tj’s this weekend.food 001

The chicken cooked so fast, I didn’t put it on the grill outside I just grilled it up on the stove, it only took 5 minutes to cook! It was so full of flavor, I felt like I was at a restaurant and some fancy chef had prepared it! food 009 I put the chicken in a ww tortilla and topped with black beans, chopped tomatoes, peppers and avocado! This was way better then Chipotle, and way cheaper.

food 002 ooops and then I added some Colby jack cheese, just a little.

food 012Last night was supposed to be date night, but we have changed it to Friday hubby hasn’t been sleeping well so he hit the hay early. I on the other hand did my 30 day shred video with Jillian. I am only on level one and it’s pushes me pretty hard. I think ten pound hand weights might be too much, but eight pound ones feel to light. Either way she is kicking my tush!!!


Day 5 of Boston training: First 5k test

  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Time: 27 minutes
  • Pace: First mile around 9:30 pace Last 3 miles 20:48
  • Calories: around 500

Today was my first 5k test, which I had to do on the treadmill because of A, the rain, and B, NO GARMIN!! . How did I ever live without it I feel so NAKED! Good news I might be getting it fixed, or a new one, and for now my running buddy Rachel is going to hook me up with something else( thanks RACHEL).

The run was ok to say the least, my first mile warm up was ok not too shabby, but then the last 3 was killer! I was trying to pretend like I was in a race, visualizing every mile and seeing some kind of crowd cheer me on. I started off at 8 mile pace then at .5 in to it I dropped it down to 7.40, which on a treadmill is harder then I thought. Then at mile 2 I dropped it down to 7 minute mile and sprinted hard, and I mean hard. I can’t believe how hard this was for me. The last half mile I envisioned a finish line and dropped the paced down to 6:40 and sprinted my little heart out!!!! Did a 5 minute cool down and then stretched a bit. I am glad it’s over.


On the drive home I thought about what to make for breakfast, and I thought a protein shake would be the best idea!

The Mix: 1 cup soy milk, 1 scoop chocolate milk Muscle Milk,1 cup of Ice, scoop of AB, and a half banana.

food 014

All mixed up in the Vita-Mix(loving this machine).

food 015 Beautiful Chocolate Banana Protein Creation!

food 016 Hope this holds me over for a couple of hours, better get to drinking water too!!! I feel like I just ran a RACE!!!!


Today’s tip is based on something I have been experiencing lately. I have been wearing my running shoes to work (dress is casual) and it causes me to walk a little faster, or even run sometimes. I think having my shoes on is so comfy and convenient. Not just wearing them to work but also the the grocery store or even to the mall. I know it’s probably a fashion no, no, but my shoes cute! So my tip for you is to try to wear your running shoes(maybe not the ones you train with) as much as possible and see if it get’s you moving, and burning some extra calories!!!! Can you or do you wear your running shoes to work?

My second work out tip comes from Miz over at Mizfit.com. She posted some tips yesterday check them out, and I liked this one a lot:

Take advantage of those dress down days at work & implore your boss to institute more.  Studies show when we’re dressed casually we are more likely to take the stairs/park far from office & walk which results in an EIGHT percent increase in calorie burning (not to mention better health always means fewer sick days.  try point that our to your boss if s/he resists!)


Alright folks have a Happy Hump day, I am off to work early, then Women’s study tonight. Somehow I have to squeeze in the Shred Video!!! How are your challenges going?


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