Hi My Name is Bobbi and I Love to Organize

On my drive home from KB last night I had a big smile on my face. I just felt content. You know when you have those time in your lives where you are at peace with everything and you don’t even know why? Well that’s what I felt last night and I went to bed with the biggest GRIN on my face .


Once again after a hard night of KB I always crave EGGS! I made myself one killer Egg Sammie. Did you know eggs have 6 grams of protein?!


I fried up an egg in EVOO for about 2 minutes


On  two pieces of ww bread I added a goat cheese spread. Then I added sliced tomatoes and spinach in between 🙂


A true savory treat!

TUESDAY TIP FOR BALANCE LIVING: Organization One Step at a Time

I always feel like there is something to organize in our house. I have so many projects on my OCD list of things to take care of. Instead of getting overwhelmed I just tackle one small project at a time. The list never ends!

This weekend I tackled the entry way coupon/whatever board. Here we have it before I decided to give it some TLC.


And after! I took all the fun free coupons + savings coupons and organized them into two separate envelopes easy to grab when I hit up the market.


I also organized all of our take out menus by getting rid of half of the ones we don’t use!


Oh look I can breathe now 🙂


Now if only I could get the laundry room, office, garage and guest bedroom back to normal!

Question: What is something in your life that needs some major organization?

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