HIM Training: Off to a Great Start

Today is Monday, July 11th, which means the Orangeman Triathlon (Half Ironman Distance) is 12 weeks away and my training plan has officially begun. Time to get my but in gear!!

I have changed a few things to the training plan according to what I have researched and my schedule. Here’s what was on the schedule for the week:


Today I tackled the POOL!!


We have a pool open in the summer at work! I am blessed to have it until August 12th, then I will have to find somewhere else to do my swims.

I ordered the book Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes. It’s waterproof and you can stand it up at the end of the pool for easy viewing! It still hasn’t come yet, so I did some of Meghanns trial workout she did for her first week of HIM training.

I like the way she breaks it down!!!!

Warm up set – (10 min)

9 lengths of the pool with 20 seconds of rest after

5 Lengths of the pool at a little faster pace with 20 seconds of rest after

5 Lengths of the pool at a little faster pace with 20 seconds of rest after

Main set –

Swim 4 lengths of the pool as close to 2:00 as possible. Once finished rest until clock hits 2:30 and repeat again 2 more times.

Same as above with a limit of 2:20

Same as above with a limit of 2:10

Cool down set –

Swim 2 lengths of the pool. Wait for clock to hit 1:15 and repeat 9 more times.

How I Felt

Swimming is going to be the most difficult for me for sure. When I swim I feel like time goes by sooooo slow!! I am excited to have some swim workouts that way I don’t get so bored!! Even though it was only a 30 minute swim I felt like it took an hour!

I am also super nervous about swimming in the ocean, the thought of sharks freaks me out! I actually had a little anxiety just thinking about it today during my swim. I really am facing my fear by swimming in the open water, I could have done a lake swim Ironman but the fear needs to be overcome!

Some people have asked how long is 1.2 mile swim in the pool? Well it is 84.48 laps in 25 yard pool. So A LOT!!! But I am more afraid of the SHARKS than the distance!

I really need a waterproof watch! I am going to Target tomorrow to get one, even though I really want this baby! One day.


Alright friends off to do some weights and then enjoy the evening with Hubby. It’s been a really productive day so far.

Today =Swim + PT work + Blog + Video for tomorrow+ Photo Shoot!

Question: How do you feel about swimming in the ocean?


Here is a sneak peak to something I am working on, it’s in the works but I thought I would show you all anyways for fun! Here it is ….http://bobbimariephotography.wordpress.com/


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