His Vs Her’s

Alright folks we had a killer workout, and when we got home my hands were shaking so bad that it was even hard to cook DINNER!!!! It was a lot of fun though. Hubby and I switched off on the focus mitts and he came so close to punching me in the face on accident, check out this site if you don’t know what focus mitts are.

Alright readers I need your input here. Because hubby and I have such different eating habits I thought I would do a little survey and see if I am not the only one who makes two meals every night:)  Which meal would you choose and which one would your other half choose?

MEAL #1: Baked Tofu, Balsamic Veggies, Baked Sweet Potato, and a little mashed potatoes.

december27th 030

december27th 031

december27th 032

december27th 029

Meal #2 Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans

december27th 034

december27th 035

december27th 036

december27th 033

Guess which one was mine? I am off to finish some last minuet things before my day back at school. Have a great one peeps!


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