Holiday Madness!!!

I am back, I know you all missed me as I missed you! Happy Friday! The past two days have been full of good tidings and joy!!! Let me just recap some of the highlights of our Christmas.

Christmas Eve House #1

The Trujillo’s Celebrate Christmas with some yummy Mexican favorites, Tamales, Enchiladas, Ham, Chicken Taquitos and rice and Beans.

christmas 2008 025 

 christmas 2008 038 christmas 2008 039christmas 2008 040christmas 2008 037christmas 2008 036

My yummy plate included a Tamale, piece of ham, and one taquito, with a little rice. I also had on yummy diet coke and rum!

christmas 2008 049 christmas 2008 050

christmas 2008 052

Considering that all I had all day was a bowl of oatmeal, I was suprisingly satisfied and did not over eat!!!

The Trujillo Clan

christmas 2008 030

My Nephews first time being able to open his OWN gifts ( I took like a million pics of him, he’s just so DARN cute!).

christmas 2008 009 christmas 2008 018

The Hubby and I

christmas 2008 031 christmas 2008 032

Christmas Eve House #2

The Clasby Family celebrates the Holidays with Pasole,and more tamales!!! If you haven’t had this you must.

I just had one bowl, and a tortilla. I also had about 4 oz of wine and a lot of water!!!

christmas 2008 061

My Beautiful Mom and I 

christmas 2008 059

My Aunts

christmas 2008 070 christmas 2008 056

Cousin Raquel kickin butt in darts!

christmas 2008 074

I WON THIS IN our Secret Santa game! I am so excited I have always wanted one of these!

christmas 2008 095


Hubby and woke up around 7am opened our presents and stocking from Santa, and then headed over to my Mom’s for Christmas Breakfast and more presents! Hubby spoiled me this year, I can’t wait to show you all that he blessed me with. I ll share some of the  did get me a set of REALLY GOOD KNIVES!!! I think I might be one of the only wives that asks for knives for Christmas. lol

Mom makes yummy Belgian WAFFLES

christmas 2008 098

While I work on the eggs.

christmas 2008 107

Family enjoying breakfast.

christmas 2008 181

The boys

christmas 2008 114

The girls

christmas 2008 115

The whole Family! Four Brothers, one brother in law, one sister, one sister in law, 2 nieces, 1 nephew, Mom and Dad.

christmas 2008 117

My Adorable Nieces ( I love watching little kids open presents).

christmas 2008 119 christmas 2008 123

Hubby got a GARMIN!!! This is a funny story. After we opened our presents at our house I told hubby I am sorry that I couldn’t get him what he REALLY wanted, but maybe next year. But I was being a little sneaky girl because I had saved the best present for last!!! I had my Mom hide it under her tree so that when we got done with opening presents at her house there would be this one no-name gift from Santa to Matt (hubby). He WAS SO SURPRISED! He didn’t know that I had gotten a bonus at work, so I was able to go out and get him it!!!

As you can see I was enjoying all the opening with my new mug and coffee!

christmas 2008 193 christmas 2008 183

Christmas Morning at Dad’s

MORE FOOD!!! Menudo and Ham! I had too much here, I just love homemade tortillas!!! I don’t eat the Menudo meat, last year I found out that it’s the inlining of a cows stomach, GROSS!

christmas 2008 198 christmas 2008 202

christmas 2008 203

Daddy opens his presents, Hubby and Bosco look too cute!

christmas 2008 209 christmas 2008 207

christmas 2008 001

The McCormick’s Inaugural Christmas Dinner

Normally in our family Christmas is over around 2pm, so this year I wanted to have my Mom and Brothers over for Christmas Dinner and games. The night was wonderful. We didn’t eat dinner until around 7:30 so I had plenty of time to cook. I was smart and cooked the mashed potatoes and stuffing the day before. This was my first TURKEY!!!!

The Menu was inspired by many of the lovely blogs I follow!!

christmas 2008 146

christmas 2008 139

Sandra Lee’s Cranberry Glazed Turkey

christmas 2008 157 christmas 2008 163

Sandra Lee’s Brown Butter Almond Brussels sprouts

christmas 2008 149

Sweet Mashed Potatoes 

christmas 2008 158

Meghan’s  Roasted Butternut Squash with Apples

christmas 2008 153

Kath’s Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage Dressing

christmas 2008 161

Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole 

christmas 2008 162

If you want any of these recipes just let me know and I will send them to you!

We had some yummy sparkling wine to celebrate with as well as Cooking Lights, HELLO DOLLIES!!! ( this was the one thing I did indulge in).

christmas 2008 165 christmas 2008 141

The family

christmas 2008 170 christmas 2008 168

christmas 2008 175

We played our new Cranium Game from my grandparents( we are all so competitive so it was sooooo fun) and everyone stayed to help clean until midnight!!!!

These past couple days have been so much fun, material presents are nice but more then that the gift of family is all that I wanted and needed this season. With Christmas over, I get kind of sad because you build everything up to this one day and then it’s all over but I am not sad anymore because I am excited about what 2009 has to offer. New Goals, New Dream, New Journeys, and New ADVENTURES!

Mini Recap of 2008

I am thankful for 2008 and all that it has taught me. I have run more races then ever, made some amazing PR’s (3:24 marathon),  qualified for Boston and became a kickboxing instructor. I have started this blog and joined a community of people that have been so inspiring and uplifting then I could have ever imagined. More then just my health goals have been met, but also we bought a home to start a family in, and hubby and I have learned some tough lessons in our marriage that have made us stronger as one. I am truley thankful for all that the Lord has given me this year, and now it’s time to set some goals for 2009….


I am relaxing and enjoying my Holiday today. Might go off for some shopping, and maybe a movie. I want to read more of my book and definitely hit the gym, I am not wearing a watch today or looking at the time AT ALL!!! No plans, means no need for time. Have you eve done that? I try and do it at least 3 times a year, it helps me to distress:) Have a great Friday everyone!!!


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