Holiday Spirited Weekend

Hello friends sorry for the late post but I have been in HOLIDAY mode! Lot’s of food, sweating, friends, shopping and sleeping :). Friday night I had a SUPER FUN BLOGGER SLEEPOVER with Melissa and then on Saturday we hit up the mall for some Christmas shopping. I found a few things, but have still a few more items to get.

Saturday night Hubby and I went to his boss’s (our friend) Josh’s Surprise Birthday Party. There was a wonderful taco bar and lot’s of BABIES!

bobbi 160

Our 2.5 mile run + hour kickboxing class + shopping trip left me STARVED!!! 

bobbi 165

Man they are too cute! 

bobbi 161

Might have to barrow one or two :). 

bobbi 158

The Birthday Boy and his sweet baby Macey!

bobbi 164

Miss. Addy

bobbi 170


bobbi 167

I enjoyed two glasses of red

bobbi 169


bobbi 172

The Cake was AMAZING and super easy to make. You all know how I do not like cake at all, but this was an ice-cream sandwich cake!!! You layer the bottom of the pan with ice-cream sandwiches (like bricks) then put a layer of fudge then a layer of crunched up Butterfinger and repeat.

bobbi 173

My beautiful piece (I so want this for my Birthday..hint hint Hubby).

bobbi 174

This morning Hubby were super lazy and didn’t crawl out of bed until after 10am! Ok I know that is not like me at all but I think my body was screaming for rest. When I finally got up I went out to run a couple of errands for another busy Holiday weekend and then went to my friends house for a Christmas Open House.


The eats


I couldn’t partake in any sweets because I had to teach Kickboxing in a couple hours and didn’t want to risk a tummy ache.



An Open House is such a great idea! People can mingle around and come an go as they please. After the party I had a rockin Kickboxing class. I love the way I feel after kickboxing, I am always super sweaty and full of energy.

I came home and made butternut squash soup from scratch, check out my recipe here.

bobbi 175

Along with some All Bran Crackers. 

bobbi 176

I also got some wrapping done and watched a cheesy Christmas movie on Lifetime :).

Hubby and I have a super busy week. Tonight I sat down and wrote down every hour of every day and make sure I utilize all my time!!! I know that super anal, but there is no wasted time in this household!

  • Monday Night-Teach AKB+Baking with Neighbors
  • Tuesday Night- Work Christmas Party
  • Wednesday Night-Teach AKB
  • Thursday- Thursday Night Group Christmas Party
  • Friday- BFF’s over for a Christmas Dinner Party
  • Sunday- Teach Sunday School + Boat Parade!

Hope you got some Holiday Spirit in this weekend! Remember only 18 days left until 2010, FINISH STRONG!!!


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