Homemade Holiday Gifts Part I-Baskets

specialty_gift_baskets-2So this year one of my goals is to make most of my Holiday gifts. I hate rushing like crazy to find that “perfect” gift. I would much rather make something for someone that truly means something. I was inspired by the baskets that D and I made for our reunion. So I came up with some great gift basket ideas for  friends and family!

1. Movie buffs- a DVD and some gourmet pop corn. You could even get them two tickets to the movie theater and offer to watch their kids 🙂

2. Relaxation lovers- fuzzy socks, tea, a candle and a good book.

3. Coffee lovers - a big coffee cup with a gourmet coffee blend, and some homemade muffins!

4. Music lovers – a Mixed CD made by you, a iTunes card, and a case for their iPod.

5. Wine lovers - a bottle of their favorite variety of wine, cheese, dark chocolate, crackers and a couple of wine glasses.

6. Garden lovers - a beautiful vase or pot filled with a variety of flower or herb seeds with some luxurious gardener’s hand lotion, gloves, and a pretty pot.

7. Baking lovers - a recipe book, some homemade treats and a baking tool to accompany the recipe book (i.e. a pastry book = pastry cutter, cookie recipes = cookie cutters etc.)

8. Winter theme  -  lip balm, moisturizer , mittens and hot packs for cold winter days!

9. Candle lovers – different scented candles and votive or tea light holders

10. Tea Lovers- teapot and tea cozy set, variety of mints and muffins or scones.

11. The Fitness Buff- A Yoga mat, a CD made with workout tunes, and some home made granola.

12. The Foodie- Some gourmet treats from Marshall’s or Trader Joes, a cook book, chocolates, all in a mixing bowl.

13. The Runner- Subscription to Runner’s World, Socks, Water bottle, Gu’s, gum, body glide, and some after running treats.

Alright I am sure there are more baskets for people out there. What are some of your ideas??


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