Did you guys know that Landon and I went to school together since the 6th grade?? I was super close to his twin sister Tristan in high school, because we ran cross country together. Landon ran too, but then soccer took over 😉

This morning after I got home from my 5.5 beautiful run I watched the World Cup (I felt like a wimp compared to them). I was anxious the whole time!!!! When Landon made the winning goal, I was sooooo proud. I can’t believe how far he has come, I know all of here in his hometown are routing for him. WAY TO GO LANDON!!


In not so good news I just found out that both of our cars have MAJOR problems. It all started with the AC going out and now it looks like its much much more. BOO! We both own our cars and don’t have a car payment and really don’t want one but I think it’s about that time. I am so torn! Should we get a new/used car and trade in my car or should we pay for our cars to get fixed. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the fact we keep having to take our cars in. I had to get a brand new engine less then two years ago! oooo grown up decision are no fun!


A GM sounded perfect after a sweaty run this morning.


Well friends I am off to Disneyland. Hopefully I won’t sweat to death on the way down there.

Question: Ok friends, what would you do? Get a new car? Or put more money into the car you already have that might keep breaking down???


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