How About an AM Misto & SanDiego Update

Yes friends I have found my new love, Almond Milk Misto! A Misto, Cafe au Lait, is half steamed milk and half coffee. It is kind of like a latte, but instead of the espresso you use drip coffee, or in  my case French press coffee.

Check this site for the perfect procedure, which I’ve been following and it works perfectly: Stumptown Coffee Brewing Guide.

Almond Milk Misto

  • 1/4 cup of almond milk mixed with 2 tbsp of soy creamer steamed, or heated up in the microwave for one minute.
  • pour 8 oz of coffee in a mug
  • pour steamed AM on top

Voila! You have your self a tasty less caffeinated and less fattening drink.

food 074

I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night, which was soooooo needed! I can not really explain on here what has been happening with me right now. Last night I was so stressed about so many things. I love my family to death but right now, I am taking on many burdens that I sadly just want to run away, but then I remember how thankful I am that I have a family that is here even if they are tough to deal with sometimes. Anyways to make a long story short, I was not motivated to eat right or workout yesterday and I made it a point to go to bed early and rise at 5:45am to knock out a 5 mile run, my mission was accomplished!!!

Running Stats: 5 miles, 44 minutes, and burned a lovely 547 calories!

This was the longest and fastest run I have had sense Boston. I felt great, I actually got to run in the wonderful shorts VSX sent me to review! Did you know Victoria Secret has an active line? The shorts they sent me are their running shorts. They are so light and airy! I am usually not a big fan of running shorts, (you all know I love my running skirts) but I felt so quick and free in these, and no chafing!

food 066

I am going to love these shorts in the summer for sure! Please go and check out all the hot gear at

I then did Jillian’s Shred, level 2! WOW that is so intense after a run, I ended up cutting out some of the cardio, but did all the strength and abs. I also did some walking planks, and worked out the IT Band with my foam roller. So many of you have been asking where to get the foam roller, I purchased mine at the local running store, but you can get yours at Target and it comes with a DVD of many ways you can use it! I try and do it at least for 2 minutes on each side but it’s a KILLER!

Then I made some Yummy Cinnamon and Vanilla French Toast Bites.

food 078

I mixed together 5 egg whites, 1/4 cup almond milk, pinch of cinnomen, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract and a handful of oats. Dipped two slices of Wheat berry Bread(5 grams of protein each) and grilled on the griddle. I topped the toast with 1 tbsp of TJ’s Cranberry Apple Butter and Naturally More PB with a drizzle of Agave Nectar. 

With some sweet strawberries, still working on that 4 pound bag!

food 077

food 081

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not on here but I will not be participating in the SanDiego Rock and Roll Marathon at the end of the month, This was a hard decision to make, but seeing as the registration is over $100 we simply can’t afford that right now. Unless someone wants to sponsor me:)
I am still going to go down there and cheering my ladies Meghann, and Amanda on, maybe even run in it with them a little, but no race for me. I am trying to catch some local 10k and 15k races in the area, and will be doing the Fontana 1/2 again on June 6th! So for right now I am focusing on training for that race.


Yesterday I wasn’t able to ride my bike to work, but I did manage to get a couple points.

  • 3 points all meals at home
  • 1 point washed dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher!
  • 1 point for taking a shower with no lights
  • Total Points for Monday: 5

Megan was so kind to send me some links about composting check them out!

Some links that I found very useful:

These show how you can use a garbage can to make a compost bin, which might work if you are sharing a backyard.

This list cracks me up, but it is 163 things that you can compost (although I am not sure how accurate it is, because it says fish stuff. and just a note, you do not want to compost tomatos because they are too acidic):

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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