How About Some More?

Glad you all enjoyed our before and after pics :).

Work flew by today, it’s been super busy in our office lot’s of people signing up for camp. I finally got away from my desk today and enjoyed lunch with friends.

Leftovers from last night, grilled veggies…

monday 139


monday 140 

Pulled Chicken Sammie wit lots of mustard…

monday 141

All together :). 

monday 138

My snacks for the day…

Carrots, Celery and PB.

monday 137

Kashi Dark Chocolate and Coconut Bar(LOVE THESE!).

monday 143

For dinner I made me a Green Monster, I have to go teach AKB tonight so I had to keep it light. 

monday 145

Seeing Meg’s lose Abbie has really made me cling to our dog Bosco, I am praying for her as she is grieving the loss of her dear puppy. So sorry Meghann.

Well gotta run, got some butts to kick!

Here is another before pic for the road….


and after…

Hawaii 2008 071


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