How did she get there?

Didn’t wake up till 7:15, apparently I needed more sleep then I thought. I had to be somewhere at 8 so I literally through on my running gear (which is a lot these days) and rushed out the door. At the beginning of my run I felt great, then I started noticing some sharp pains in my back! I know that people always think that I should have back pains from running with big bobs(sorry to be so blunt) but I never have any back pain. I think that the spinning classes are causing my back pain, I made need to work on better form. Because I only 30 minutes to get some good running in, I tried to stay at 8min pace and the picked it up after the first mile. I had to run down hill for a mile, so we all know what that means, I had to run up hill on the way back. I live near the mountains so I can’t get away from the hills!!!!

My Stats:
25min run
avg pace 8:20
max pace: 6:02
calories burned: 372
When I got home I did a good ten minuet ab work out:

50 crunches
100 bicycles
50 leg touches with feet in the air
50 leg touches side to side
1 minute plank

I had to run hubby to the car shop at 8 and then come home and make some breakfast. I made the most Delicious bowl of oats ever!

Pumpkin/Cranberries Oats

1/2 c coaches oats
1/2 c hemp milk
1/2 c H2O
1/4 c pumpkin
1/4 c cranberries
1/2 banana
handful of pecans
handful of honey & flax granola
pinch of cinnamon & nutmeg
spoonful of pumpkin butter for sweetnessI just love the creamy texture of the pumpkin and banana in there. The tang of the cranberry sauce just made the whole thing perfect! I also had a cup of Joe of course, some people might love there bowls like Kath, but I love my coffee cups they all tell a story. Like this one, Mountain

Thunder Coffee Plantation is where hubby and I visited in Hawaii for our first anniversary.

Some of you asked about my journey to Boston and how long has it taken me to get where I am in my running today. Well let’s just say I have been running sense I could walk… lol..
I started running on a club team when I was 11 and then I did cheer leading my freshman year of high school and missed running so much I quit and started the cross country team my sophomore year. I ran varsity cross country my junior and senior year(but I my PR in high school for 3 miles was 20min), along with water polo and track, I hated track though I am a long distance runner all the way. After high school I went to college and just kept being really active but not too much into running until my Senior year of college when I trained for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis TN. I trained poorly but I got out there and did it anyway, I ran a 4:20, which was good for me at the time.
Then I had the worse case of major foot spurs, so I was forced to not run for almost a YEAR! I took up kickboxing and lost more weight then ever, apparently my body needed a change. It has only been a year now sense I have been serious about running, and health in general. I mean I have always loved both but now I am just passionate about them both so much. To get to Boston, I had a 3:30 training plan, and it worked!!! My qualifying time was 3:40, and I ran a 3:25 at St.George. It’s funny how both of the marathons I have run start with St!!!
Here is the link to my first blog post, and the reason I started this blog…..
Here is the link to my qualifying marathon, the run that got me to Boston….


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