I am going to Boston!

When I arrived at home this evening I received an exciting letter in the mail. MY BOSTON CONFIRMATION letter! I am going to Boston.!I am so excited, not only to run the race but as a History major I will just eat up all that Boston has to offer! I have friend named Christina who lives there and has graciously offered me and the hubby a place to stay. This is a huge relief for two reason, one being that it cost like a bazillion dollars to stay anywhere near downtown, and everything else is booked! I can’t wait to see her too, we haven’t seen each other in quite a while. I can’t believe that I have actually qualified and will be training again in January, it’s all hitting me now, and to top it off the Boston Marathon this year is on my BIRTHDAY April 20th, what a way to celebrate!

So today was a pretty nice day, lots of sunshine so no complaints here. I don’t really post what I eat for lunch because it’s about the same thing every day. I work with a few simple ingredients.
Romain salad mix,goat cheese,tomotoes, can of salmon, pine nuts, pita chips,pita bread hummus,carrots,apples, and some watermelon on occasion.

I don’t eat all of this at one sitting but a combo of it throughout the week. So if I took pics they would all look the same:) My true passion is cooking dinner! I think I love the challenge and I love LOVE love the faces I get when hubby takes his first bite.

This year hubby and I didn’t make it out to get a pumpkin, but my wonderful coworker Cheryl brought me back on from her classes Field trip to the pumpkin patch. He so cute, I shall name him Corbin:) I am hoping that when hubby gets home from softball we can carve him.

I skipped out on my women’s group tonight, I need a night to myself. Some weeks just catch up on me all too fast, and I need some serenity, some peace and quite. So as soon as the hubby left, I turned up the Boss System and played some Run Kid Run and cleaned up a little, and then turned it down to some Frankie for cooking music and a glass of wine. I am currently waiting for dinner to be done, I will post pics in the morning. I am making a Chicken Green bean and Mushroom type casserole, with Alexis Red Potatoes.

I will have it on my new plate I got along with the bowl at Marshalls, only $2 and it’s my favorite color!

I will have to add it to my chest of dishes….

Tomorrow I have high hopes on running an hour run, and doing some free weights/ab workout. I want to get up nice and early, but it’s so dark outside right now so I might have to wait till the light comes out. I can’t wait for the time change!!! Three more days…

Hubby and I are headed to Memphis for Turkey Day this year. I wasn’t too excited because the weather isn’t the best out there, 30 degree temps are not my fave. But it will be nice to see my sister in law,and the parents. I am also excited to get some great food there too like O’Charlies, McCalisters, and the best Thai food place ever! Some background in case you don’t know hubby and I met in Memphis TN, where I went to college and then he moved back to California with me when we got married, what a trooper. Seeing that I have four brothers and all, I missed them all sooo much! I love that I have a huge family, it makes me want to have 5 kids myself, but I am willing to wait a little while:)

Well I better go check on the food! Have a great night. Oh and by the way go Phillie’s (this is for my friend Steph in Jersey).


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