New Plan & SkirtChasing Weekend!

WOW Tuesday was absolute madness! I was up at 5am, did a great spin/weight class and then I didn’t’ get home until 10pm last night! Needless to say I had no time to blog or catch up on my blogger reading.

This morning I decided to sleep in and wake up with out the alarm. My body is sore from this week already, and I needed to listen to it. I got up and watched the news for the weather this weekend, and saw that there is a major freeze over the south! I am praying for you all to be safe out there. I remember what it was like living in Memphis and having the roads shut down because of the ice, and also the ice on my windshield that I had to scrape off with a credit…It still is in the 90’s here, and I think this weekend it should go down to the low 80’s.

I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything up this morning, my tummy has not been so nice to me this morning. So I just had a combo bowl of Fiber One Honey Cluster, and Kashi Almond and Flax, with a half of banana(wasn’t worthy of a pic). Stomach just isn’t back to normal. It might be because I had ice cream last night, which I haven’t had in a very long time.

Well this morning I wanted to share with you all two things, a new plan that I want to start on, and the 5k Skirt Chaser Race I am doing this weekend.

First the Plan

I have decided that until January I am going to mix up my workouts a bit and do some major cross training. I want to do kickboxing,cycling,yoga,running, and weight training. Well there are only seven days in a week so I needed to get serious and jot down my goals. Here is the plan; Spin class, or ride twice a week, run at least twice a week, do a yoga class at least once a week(and one at home too), do weights at least twice a week(I would like to do it three times but I am trying to be realistic), and do akb(aerobic kickboxing) 3 times a week. I know this is a lot but I might have to pull some two a days, this is not unusual for me. I would love it if I was able to do a swim workout, but the gym I am looking at joining doesn’t have a pool:( I am trying to lay out a schedule for the plan but until I join a gym I will not have times of all the classes so for now this is what I can do.

Mondays-AM Spinning, PM AKB
Tuesdays-AM Weights,PM AKB
Wednesdays-AM RUN
Thursdays-AM Weights/Run, PM AKB
Fridays-AM Spinning, PM Yoga
Saturdays-AM AKB, Softball
Sundays-AM off!( but not really,I have a 5k or 10k every other Sunday this month), PM Softball

So I am setting high goals but once I have a gym membership I will know exactly what days I want to do what. I need to have a plan otherwise I don’t like thinking I can just sleep in and do my workout later, I need to get up early and have a purpose! I have 4 races either 5k,10k, or 15k’s between now and December. I also have one Tri in December that I want to PR at!

Skirt Chaser 5K presented by SkirtSports

When I heard about this race, I got so excited! I love the theme and idea. Every women participant gets a running skirt, or if you buy a larger package you get even more! You know me and my running skirts, I just love them! At the race the women get to take off three minutes before the guys and the point is for them to chase us down:) I think it’s cute! The Winner Snags $500!Regardless of gender, the first person across the line takes home the grand prize! Ok I know there are going to be a lot of fast people going out there for that prize but I am thinking I would really like that GRAND PRIZE, I am going for it! I am going to try and break 19minute 5k time! The course is pretty flat so it might be possible. I know that I am not half as fast as a lot of men out there, but I think I have a pretty good chance with a three minuet lead…lol…well we shall see.

Sense the race is out in LA, I am going to make a weekend out of it. Rachel and I will go down on Saturday morning early, the race starts at 8am and it takes about an hour and a half to get there. Then after the race they will have a block party for us to go to, should be fun times, and then we shall go to WHOLE FOODS MARKET! They have one only ten minutes from the race, I am so excited, I have been wanting to go for so long. I feel like a kid who is excited about going into a toy store for the first time, I know it’s silly but so true. Then after some shopping I am going to meet up with my other friend Ray Hay and hang out for the night. She lives in Marina Del Ray, she moved here from Memphis. I am excited to see her and catch up on life. So the race has turned into a girls getaway weekend, I love it!

Well I am off to take on the world, or maybe just my a Happy Hump Day!


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