It’s about time I had some coconut oats!

This is going to be a quick post, I will blog later about my spin class this morning and the weekend RACE coming up:)

I was so torn on what to have for bfast this morning so I went for a little bit of everything! I wanted oatmeal(because I got a new bowl at Marshall’s yesterday for 2 bucks!) and I have had this pack of organic coconut flakes in the cupboard forever, I have been dying to try them in my oats!

The Combo:
1/2 c Coaches Oats
1/2 c hemp milk
1/4 c H2O
1/4 c pumpkin
handful homemade pecan honey granola
handful of almonds
spoonful of pumpkin butter for sweetness
handful of flax seed
handful of COCONUT!


Loved all the different textures, I think I will have to try a bowl of coconut and banana oats!
Well I am off for the day, I will be back later for details about the upcoming race this weekend!


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