Hubby’s Challenges-Our First Vlog

After work I went on a 4 mile trail run in my new kicks! There so white it’s blinding!

Picture 002

When I got home Hubby was hosing out the Gofers, check out the big HOLE! 

Picture 001

I was tackled by Mr. Bosco(as always).

Picture 003

Picture 005


With the help of Emeril’s Original Seasoning dinner was delicious!

I cut up some firm tofu and grilled it in some EVOO topped with Emeril’s Seasoning.





Picture 004

While I cooked dinner brought in some more delicious treats from our GARDEN! 

Picture 008

We then tried some of the hot peppers, I nearly died!! WHOOO they were HOT! 

Picture 006

Hubby said, “YA RIGHT!”. 

Picture 007

Dinner was so beautiful.

Picture 010

The Tofu turned out perfect  and the brown sticky rice was just right!

Picture 009

While Hubby and I sat at dinner we chatted about ways to save money and our budget. Then Hubby gave two interesting challenges, I am not sure what I think about the second one, is that sanitary???


Off to do my pushup and sit up challenge!


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