Yes, it’s sad, but I am addicted to Fa-la-la-Lifetime. I am just a sucker for sappy Christmas movies I can’t help it.

I had two hours after work to kill until I taught kickboxing and instead of being productive I flopped on the couch and enjoyed my mini dinner while watching TV. I NEVER do that, it felt so unnatural and kind of rebellious ;).

My mini dinner consisted of a Cranberry Nut Butter & Nanner Sandwich.

bobbi 181

A wonderful COMBO! 

bobbi 182

I have to say it was just a cranberry kind of day! I also snacked on some Reduced Fat CHEESE-IT’s while watching my CHEEZY MOVIE! Something else I NEVER DO!

bobbi 186

Kickboxing three days in a row really kicks my BOOTIE!!!

bobbi 183 bobbi 184

But then I get super charged when I see this sweet face 🙂 Oh Bosco how I love thee!

bobbi 185

I am going to snuggle into bed with my last few chapters of the book I started on Thanksgiving break and call it a night. I think I shall do some YOGA in the morning my body could sure use it!

Oh by the way in answer to Learning to Cope w/ Eating and College I am not a teacher anymore I work at Forest Home a Christian Camp in CA.

Night friends!


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