I am Back But Not For Long

Evening friends!

Wow what a wonderful three days I have had at my work retreat. I can not tell you all enough how amazing the organization that I work for is and it’s even more amazing that I had a chance to go on a retreat to experience some community building with the people I work with on a daily basis.

We went to another camp that my work owns called Ojai located about 2 1/2 hours away from us. It was quite chilly out there it’s really close to the beach.

Picture 411

Hubby made sure he was all bundled up :) 

Picture 436

Our first night we had a BBQ outside.

Picture 408

My eyes were bigger then my tummy, I took a little bit of everything but ate about half of it. I haven’t had Tri-Tip in a LONG time, it was darn good! 

Picture 409

I also loved the cornbread and honey mustard carrots.  After dinner we all “bonded” around the fire.

Picture 412

We had some pretty high tech roasting sticks that extended and rotated. 

Picture 415

They had Resse’s to make smore’s with, brilliant! I enjoyed one, minus the marshmallow.

Picture 413

In the morning we enjoyed breakfast outside as well, it was beautiful!!! 

Picture 417

I enjoyed some oatmeal with banana and a little brown sugar

Picture 420

Along with half a blueberry pancake, eggs and fruit.

Picture 419

During the day we had a wonderful speaker, worship, and also some fun games! I was given the task of trying to make a pine tree behind my back with one piece of green paper, needless to say mine was pretty sad looking…

Picture 421

For snack (lunch wasn’t until 1pm) I enjoyed a Honest Food, Choco Peanut Butter Bars. I believe this is their best bar yet!

Picture 422

For lunch I enjoyed a black bean burger with a salad, beans, and a little potato salad.  Not your typical camp food ;).

Picture 423

After lunch I got a little camera lesson from my co-worker Kyle who does all of our video for work. I have had a Cannon Rebel XT for a couple years now but I don’t “really” know how to use it. He taught me a couple things, but I need more lessons!

Picture 427

Picture 429

Picture 430

After my camera lesson about 15 of us went out to the local park and played softball for about four hours and then came back to camp starved!! For dinner they had a beef taco bar, I made it into a large salad. The guacamole tasted so good!

Picture 433

For desert I had a bite or two of this wonderful cheese cake tart.  Cheesecake and I don’t really get along.

Picture 434

More games! 

Picture 439

Todays breakfast was very similar to yesterday’s. For lunch I made a large salad.

Picture 446

And stole a bight of Hubby’s cookie. 

Picture 450

He wasn’t too Happy with me. 

Picture 449

What a fun time with work friends and Hubby. When I got home tonight I had to run to go get my hair cut by a good friend and now I have bangs! I also picked up a quick dinner, Subway Veggie Sammie!

Picture 452

Alright friends I am all packed for our trip to Nashville in the morning. We have to be at Skinny “Wife’s” house at 5:30am, so I should be in bed (it’s 11pm here). I am not sure if I will get to blog tomorrow at all with all the traveling, but I really hope I can go for a run after we land, I haven’t run since Sunday!

Next time you here from me, I will be saying Y’all from Nashville, TN!


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