I am Going to be Honest

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all that I do, but then I just stop and breathe and remember nothing I stress about is truly WORTH making me feel sick over. I read Kath’s newest gather post: Blog, Blog and Away and it made me feel a lot better 🙂

Today’s lunch was fabulous! Chicken Summer Salad + Veggies + Hummus + Kashi Crackers and Light Laughing Cow Cheese.


I grazed ate at my desk today because I had lot’s of stuff to catch up on, WWR, email’s, Bless Redlands, and much more.

Check out my mid morning snack!! Why have I never tried this? I took one Arnold’s this, PB, and a sliced Gala Apple and made the best sandwich!



My lunch and snack held me over perfectly. When I got home had a light meal before teaching kickboxing. I normally don’t eat dinner before I teach,but I thought I would try something light. One small leftover veggie pizza with no cheese, some kettle chips, and cantaloupe.

monday 007

I felt great, no stomach pains or major gag reflects happenings!! I will have to do this more often. Check out a new Operation Beautiful note I left at the gym 🙂 I know you are all loving my lion mane!!


When I got home I was pleasantly surprised with a wonderful fun package from Danica!!! Thanks girl you are too sweet! I can’t wait to try all these Annie’s Products!!

monday 009

I feel a lot better now that I have cleaned up the house a bit and got a lot done with WWR. I still need to take a shower and pack our lunches and it’s already 10pm…where has the day gone!!

Just to let you all know I passed my first NO SWEETS day with flying colors it was a little tempting when I saw the chocolate bar in my purse that D had given me for my birthday, but I resisted!!

5am wake up call with “Jillian” must get some shut eye!!!

Nite Nite


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