I am Not Going to Lie

I am living my dream job today :). Cleaning, shopping, running errands, and eating lunch at home! Yes my dream job is to be a house wife/working from home. I love where I work but who doesn’t want to work from home???

First stop today was a trip to the grocery store. We finally have a fridge full of food! While out running errands I found three things that make me smile!!

Isn’t this bowl adorable, (BIG LOTS)!?

Picture 260

I can’t wait to indulge in this delicious tea! 

Picture 261

And some Organic Stuffing mix, by far my favorite food!!!! 

Picture 262

For lunch I made some quick Eating Right Split Pea Soup..

Picture 264

with some All Bran Crackers. 

Picture 265

I had to make something quick because I have ten minutes until my MASSAGE!!! 

Picture 263

Well friends off to get those kinks and knots out!

Question: Would you like to work from home??


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