I am going to have to make this super quick because Hubby and I are grabbing sushi with some friends in 30minutes, then I am off to teach AKB(I will have to eat light). Then I get to watch Hubby play softball, busy busy bee!

Today my GM did not hold me over, I had to grab my emergency protein bar for some morning fuel!


This bar didn’t really do the trick either, when it came to lunch I was starving! I had the rest of my leftover Thai food topped with zucchini and some Greek yogurt. I had the Greek yogurt on top for added protein and to cool the spice down a bit.

4 7


I also had a delicious peach.



And my last peanut butter bar, I must make these for our camping trip next week!


This afternoon after lunch, a coworker and I went on a little hike to see some Air force jets that were flying over our camp! The hike was pretty killer and I was in flip flops and a skirt, next time I will come prepared!





I had an apple in the afternoon, should have had PB with it!


I also took some pictures of my desk for you all to see, here is a couple!




Ok friends, hope you are all having a lovely evening!

Question for the evening: All of you pushup/sit-up/squat challenge peeps, how are you doing!!! I am actually loving it, and have really become so much stronger these past couple weeks, keep going strong!!!!


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