I honestly don’t know where to start with my amazing getaway weekend! If I wrote all the funny and random details this blog would be ten pages long so here are the highlights.

Saturday Morning:
8:30 am Skirt Chaser 5k in Playa Vista CA

A fun race with running buddy Rachel. I really was hoping to win $500 dollars for first place but because there was a Women’s Elite NIKE Racing Team, they stole the show! I started off running with the girls below a 5 minuet pace!!! I knew if I kept this up I would pass out half way through so I slowed down to a 6:20 mile pace, felt good except it was hard to catch my breath. I don’t think I have any type of asthma, but I feel like I have to make sure I take clear deep breaths so I don’t pass out. I ended up coming in around 8th I think, there was no results posted. My time was 20:10 didn’t get that PR but I ran my heart out. I stopped the women who won(17:20) to ask her about this running team, she was a teacher and mother racing for Nike on an elite women’s teams all over the country. I have never heard of an elite racing teams, so I looked it up….Check out their website The Janes. After reading these women’s times I have become inspired to see how fast I can go!

Here’s my Skirt I got when signing up for the race! The bowl of Perfect Oatmeal Starbucks gave us after the run, BETTER THEN DONUTS! I was impressed:)


After the race, I took a trip to WF! I was so excited, this is the closest one to my house and it’s an hour away:( When I arrived I was like a kid in a toy store, I could have stayed all day! I walked every aisle, some twice. I loved seeing all of these wonderful things that I have heard about on other blogs. The salad bar,hot bar,Indian bar,vegetarian bar, and soup bar was amazing! I can’t believe we don’t have one of these close by!!! I had a small box of sweet and sour tofu, and a small bowl of lobster corn chowder soup. There were so many choices I don’t know how I decided. My purchasing was small, I didn’t want to buy anything I could get at home so I picked up a few new yogurts to review and of course several LARABARS that I haven’t tried.

Adventures with Ray HAY!

I stayed the weekend with Miss.Ray Hay. Ray and I have been friends for about three years, we taught together in Memphis TN. She moved out to LA to get her master at LMU. I think she just wanted to fallow me;) I love it that she’s here, she such a great friend. She is also one of the funniest people I know, and when we hang out there are always great stories to tell.
The first thing we did was go shopping! We were going out to Hollywood for the night to dance, and I wanted to get an appropriate dancing outfit. It was a blast, we tried on so many funny looking dresses and put on ridiculous jewelry! I finally fond a shirt in the LAST store we visited (isn’t that how it always happens?!).

We had dinner first at this festive Mexican restaurant in Venice. It was so neat, we sat up stairs on the patio with this huge bond fire. I threw out all healthy eating and got whatever I wanted. I had some Delicious chicken fajitas, I love fajitas because I can make them however I want! We also order Margaritas, and because it was happy hour we got two! We were approached my so many unique, ( I am trying to be nice here) men asking if I was Brazilian, and wearing LOIN cloths!!! It was an experience to say the least.

O ya we saw Edward Scissor Hands on Vencie Blvd!!!

After dinner we went to Ray Hays house to get ready to go out. We decided to go to club
Les Deux, I wanted to see someone famouse of course and this is where Paris Hilton hangs out so I thought we might see someone!
It was a blast, we danced the night away….I missed hubby I wish he would have been there to dance with, but Ray Hay and I had fun dancing together.
There were so many weird people in Hollywood, much to be expected of course.
We even got a ride in a COP car! OK this is a funny story so I will share: We were walking to our car on Hollywood Blvd, and we couldn’t figure out how to cross the street, there were NO cross walks, Our FEET were killing us from our heels, we must have looked like we were drunk(but we barely drank because Ray was our DD and I hate feeling like CRAP then next day) so we were stumbling a bit. This cop car pulled up to us and asked if we wanted a ride, I was like what! Ray was so smart and said, ” Ok just to check that your not cop posers can I see your badges?” they showed them and we got in the back seat. I have never been in the back seat of a cop car, it felt a little weird!!! The cops were real nice, and dropped us right at our car. We got home safely and crashed!!
All night I was saying how I wanted to see Frankie’s star and right before we got in the Cop car, WE SAW IT!!!!!

Then next morning Ray made me bfast:) and we went to Rays church which was nice, and then had lunch in Santa Monica at Swingers.
I had an Ahi Burger, small but yummers! I love how all the LA food joints offer Agave Nectar on all the tables! Our last stop before I headed home was Pink Berry, ooooo a new love of mine. It was so yummy non-fat yogurt with all natural ingredients, I had an original with granola,pineapple,and blackberries. Check out this SONG!!
Sunday Night
I swung by the new gym by my house, it was their grand opening and they were giving a great price! I got a tour, I was impressed. It was not too large which I liked because I wasn’t intimidated by the equipment, they offer spinning,power yoga, weight training classes, massages, and so much more. There was even a climbing wall!!! So I asked them what the
special deal was and they said $15 dollars a month! Shoot I can give up a couple days of Sbux for that. So I signed up and I have a free training session on Tuesday morning with one of their trainers. I am excited about trying out their classes this week!
Such a fun weekend!!!!
Ok now off to reality and starting out my week. I am home sick today, I think because I ate a lot of weird stuff this weekend my tummy didn’t agree with, I don’t feel so hot. I am hoping a lot of water and some rest will get me back on my feet again. For those of you who did not get to read my Hubby’s hilarious post, please do it is great!!!


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