Ok, I promise to post more pics of my desk and life at the new job! I am still learning the ropes and keeping super busy which is fantastic! Tonight I came home and made Hubby and I some FRENCH FRIES!

food 444

I made sweet potato fries for me, and russet potato fries for him! For the main course I heated up two Masala Veggie Burgers topped with veggie chili and goat cheese. Plenty of protein and carbs!!!

food 448

food 443

When we were done I opened up a package from a friend at MyRecipes.com sent along this purse organizer,memo mouse pad, and to do list from Real Simple. What perfect timing!

food 433

It’s awesome! I have ten billion different purses, I really have a lot. Well this solves the problem of transferring every little item over and over. You find a place for everything and then just transfer the whole pouch. I have a lot of little things I am digging for in my bags and this works perfectly! food 440

food 437

Inside my big O’l bag!

food 454 

Hubby and I are off to ride our bikes with our Thursday night group on a 4 mile ride to get some Fro Yo!!! I have boot camp in the morning, so I will have a fun post for you all to read in the morning 🙂


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