I Love Living In Southern CALI!

Today was such a beautiful day here in So CAL! I couldn’t have asked for better weather.  This is the reason I love living here!partlycloudy

  83° F | 54° F
  28° C | 12° C



I also loved starting the week on a Tuesday, because it’s already going to be Wednesday tomorrow and I get off early on Friday so it’s really only a 3 1/2 day week! San Diego here I come!!

Lunch was a little bit of everything , I threw in all the leftover veggies from the weekend festivities and some TJ’s creamy tomato soup.


Cucumbers,grilled mushrooms,broccoli,avocado,tomato,carrots, and a half of a pear.


I was still a little hungry and had a TJ Raw Granola Bar as well. It felt good to eat some CLEAN FOOD!!

After work some friends of ours were throwing a BBQ for their out of town parents, this was our fourth BBQ in 4 days!! Beach BBQ, Memorial Day BBQ, Birthday BBQ, and now the out of Towner BBQ!

I stayed away from the red meat,even though I did have a little bite of Evan’s flank steak!! It was soooo yummy! I went with the Smoked Apple Chicken Gouda Sausage,  it was sensational!


I also had a bean and veggie salad with salsa and cilantro dressing. I brought my own avocado too, avocados are extremely cheap right now, 2 for $1, so I brought one along to add to my salad(who does this, me!). I enjoyed some colorful fruit salad with my meal as well.

I stuck with water, even though the Margaritas looked soooo yummy!!! I have a marathon to think about all I can say is HYDRATE!!! I did go back for a few chips,salsa, and a little more fruit!!


Tonight was full of great food, great friends, and now some great baseball!! Hubby is playing softball tonight and I am at home alone watching the Dodger Vs. Rockies, the baseball vain runs thick in this girl.

I am getting up early tomorrow to run 3 miles with fast Jill! So I am going to answer some emails, catch up on a few blogs and maybe have a little chocolate before I call it a night!

Night friends see you in the morning!


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