I need an iPod coach!

So this morning was awesome! I woke up at 5:15 hit the snooze button and laid my head back down to sleep. I knew I needed to get up but man I felt so comfy! I finally wiggled my but out of bed, and slipped into my running clothes (which I nicely had laid out the night before, I am a little OCD) then washed my face, threw a hat on and out the door I went. It took me a minuet to wake up and get going but when I did I was up and off. We ran a good 15 minuet warm up and then took of at a race pace of 8min miles for four miles. The goal is to stay at 8min or faster and feel your body. I have to say serious training for a marathon is a lot different then just training. We ran hard and fast and we had our little personal coach to get us through it. One of the women I work with has ran ten marathons at a 3:30pace and is so wise! She ran with us this morning and pushed us. That coach in your ear is so essential, it would be so nice to have her on my iPod for the race! I don’t know if there is anything out there like that but it sure would be a neat gadget. Preparing for our long on the race, but taking a day off and eating some pizza and beer(hey it is light beer). I know not the best diet for my training but sometimes you have to just chill and enjoy it!


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