I Needed A Spring Break {Family}

You know, it’s funny how we grow up for over 16 years of our lives getting used to a “Spring Break”. Two weeks to not think about school work, we get time to play in the sun and spend time with our friends. Then we grow up and realize that we don’t always get a spring break anymore…that’s what we call vacation. Well I needed a Spring Break these past two weeks. I needed time to re-charge, refocus and not spend too much time on the computer. It was a roller coaster of a break, but it was a good one.

It was a great break, filled with some sadness due to some hard news about a family member. That’s life though, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Life gets sad and hard sometimes and it’s in the thick of it that you either fall down and crash or rise up and trust God more than ever. So right now, I am choosing to trust God even through the tears. I can’t and won’t be able to see the end of this hard time, but I do know that God get’s the glory and final say in it all.

Ok, enough of the sadness….on to the JOY!


These past two weeks have been also filled with fun times as well. We went to Spring Training to see some awesome Baseball teams play in Arizona as well as spend time with my Brother and family. This is our fourth year going and this time RJ wasn’t sitting so much so it was a whole new experience. None the less fun, but just a little adventurous (aka crazy).



We also grilled out again on our back patio and even had some fancy drinks (recipes to come).


I love the California Spring weather, not to hot…and so NOT to cold! It’s the perfect weather to go on evening bike rides to the market with the family to pick up dinner and not SWEAT to death up the MASSIVE hill we have to climb back to our house.


I also spent some time in San Diego with my beautiful BLEND Amanda and got in my first 8 mile run in, in a long time! I love San Diego so much and 8 miles sure goes by fast when you have so much life to catch up on with a good friend. I saw the movie McFarland over my “Spring Break” as well and it was SO GOOD! SO INSPIRING!  I think I liked it even more, because once upon a time I was a Cross Country Coach. I kinda really want to coach again!!! It also made me want to run a lot more too! So get ready for some fun new training tips. I think I am going to start a new blogging series called “Run Bobbi Run”. What do you think?


I love blogging and although I am not the best at keeping it updated and posting all the time. I thank you all for continue to be there and read! Thanks for reading my shenanigans, fun recipes, mommy moments, coffee dates, and workouts to come! Oh and guess what? SUMMER SHRED is coming SOON (where did the year go?)!!!

P.S. How cute is her new smile?! CHEEEESE!



4 responses to “I Needed A Spring Break {Family}”

  1. I would love if you started sharing more running tips again! Go for it!!

  2. Yes, please do start a new running series! I love your tips and it helps me stay motivated. Next on my list is to go see that movie – I’m training for RnR San Diego and every bit of inspiration counts!

  3. Gretchen Avatar

    Oh man…I totally resonate with the hard, sad news. Why does the hard stuff have to be SO HARD?! But as you said, it’s an opportunity to trust God more. Cheering you on and lifting you up in prayer!

  4. I wish, as adults, we still had Spring Break AND Summer Break! That would be amazing! xoxo, ganeeban