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As a newish runner, I can say these tips are fab. thanks girl!

Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing. This blog is great my friend keep it going and have a nice day!

great tips sweetie!!

I LOVE my Nike running app! Haha!

Good tips! Also sign up for a race – perhaps a local 5k – and follow a training plan. A couch to 5k plan got me started and it was really motivating to have a goal and feel improvement.

My No. 1 tip: Progress slowly. Adding mileage too quickly always leads to injury for me. Allowing enough training time for a race could be the difference between an injury free race or not even getting to the starting line.

Thanks for sharing, Bobbi!

I was going to say the same thing! Sometimes I get overly ambitious when I start out and forget I have issues with my foot. I broke it a long time ago and I have to gradually increase my mileage or else I’m out for a while! Love these tips!

Number one most important tip for beginner runners: RUN SLOWLY. S-L-O-W-L-Y. If you start out too fast, you’ll burn out equally fast. Running slowly, and/or mixing in walk breaks, will bring you to the point where you too love to run. Honestly – running too fast (because you think “that’s what real runners do”) will only make you hate it. The only way to get that runner’s high is to be out there long enough and at a low enough heart rate to get (eventually, after a few weeks of running consistently) the good endorphins that make you want to keep going.

And on the subject of socks: don’t just go and ask for “runner’s socks” – you also have to find out what’s best for your feet. For a long time I ran in those plush cushy socks that running stores want to push, but those give me blisters and chafe the soles of my feet. I found that I need very thin, very tight toe-socks–no more blisters for me! But that’s not for everyone, so you may need to experiment with different types of socks.

I completely agree Sarah! Love that advice!

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