I Run( 20 miles) So I Can Eat!

Well not really, but I do love to eat after a long run!! This morning my 4am wake up call wasn’t so bad, I must have slept hard, because I thought it was 6am!


I went straight to the coffee pot, and brewed up a 1/2 cup of STRONG coffee.


I also made the usual pre long run meal, pb on ww toast and added a half of a banana(I knew I would need the extra fuel). I also had half of a home-made power bar.


Then I was for my 20 mile run with “Fast Jill”. Jill ran with me for the first 13 miles, and then I was on my own for the last 7. The first 13 weren’t so bad except we ran in my neck of the woods, which means LOTS OF HILLS!!! I don’t mind some hills, but we did way too many! Some people asked how I could run in a brand new pair of shoes for my 20 miler, I know it wasn’t the smartest thing peeps, but if you would have seen my old shoes you would have done it too! Last week I ran in brand new shoes for my 19 miler, and I survived so I thought what the heck!


I ordered my normal Asics 230’s, well for some reason the left inside of the shoe was rubbing my outside arch pretty bad at mile 14, I even had to stop and loosen my shoe laces. It felt like the bone was rubbing, I wasn’t getting a blister just a bruise! So I guess it wasn’t the best idea to run in them for the first time during a 20 mile run!!! I am going to switch out the insouls and see if that helps this week, if not I am not sure what do do I only have 3 more weeks until BOSTON!!!

The rest of my run was killer of course, but I felt good at mile 18 and pushed myself to get through it! I was so happy to be done:)

Running Stats:

Distance:20 miles
Average Pace: 8:35
Calories Burned: 2,635

When I got home (should have taken an ice bath) I jumped into the shower and then made me a PROTEIN PACKED breakfast!


I made a Green Monster with all the ingredients above!



I also warmed up a protein pancake that I had put in the freezer from last weekend. I topped it with Naturally More PB, Fage, and some Cranberry Apple Butter!


I enjoyed my breakfast outside, in fact I am typing from my patio right now. It’s a beautiful day today!!!
79°F | 49°F

I am headed out to meet Hubby at the Redlands Bicycle Classic downtown. The Bicycle classic is a big deal, we have a bunch of famous Cyclist from all over the world competing. I am going to see some races and check out the vendors of course:) I am also meeting up with Skinny Bride to go dress shopping(she just wants to look).Tonight we are headed to Dave and Busters for Hubby’s Birthday Party, we have about 30 people coming so it should be a BLAST!

Are you enjoying the beautiful weather today?! If it’s ugly where you are at have a Caribbean themed dinner to get you in good spirits for the spring!!!

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