I want to live outdoors!

This past week we loaded up the cars and headed out to Point Mugu with the family. The beach is gorgeous, a white sand jewel of a place to picnic, sun, and swim on an unspoiled stretch of coastline. We ran,mountain biked, and hiked.This was Matt and my first time camping together with my family and Bosco. We roughed it in our tent, with our not so comfy blow up mattress, which we ditched after the second night. The trails we awesome! I got to run on the first day with my mom two and a half miles up and back, the view was spectacular. We did a kick a$$ bike ride on Tuesday, 18 miles total but most of it was up hill! We had great times on the beach and even better times by the campfires. I got to actually read the wonderful book Rachel let me barrow, “Marathon Women” I loved being with my family and Matt, and I absolutely loved living outdoors for a week. Heres a few pics of our trip:

Our huge bed in our little tent

Rich, Mom, and Me

Now I am back in the hustle and bustle of life. I have been in major recovery mode trying to catch up on emails, phone calls, and the house. I have piles all over the house and I feel so disorganized, I need to do some productive house lovin. I fee like all the things on my summer to do list are still engraved in ink on my check list will they ever be completed?

  1. Fix up the guest room
  2. Organize my office
  3. Plant some more veggies in the garden
  4. get rid of furniture in the garage
  5. scrapbook trip to Hawaii
  6. ride the bus more
  7. breath

Well at least I still have three more weeks till school starts..(sigh)

I ran on Wednesday night on the track, it was hotter and tough but my body felt rested and that was a relief. I also tried this neat little Soda Club Machine at my friend Rachel’s house it was so cool and real easy. I am not a big soda drinker, but this stuff has fewer calories and some oh so yummy flavors. My husband loves Sprite along with other flavors. We tried the lemon lime flavor and I actually liked it, and the hubby was pretty impressed too, I think I know what to get him for Christmas;)

Well I am off to bed, we have a 18mile run planned for tomorrow and I want to be prepared for the adventure.