I Won I Won, Napa Here I COme!

I received the below email today that totally made my whole day!!!

Hello Featured Publishers,

Congratulations! You’ve won 3 tickets to the 2010 Taste of the Nation
in Napa, CA!

Fortunately, Share Our Strength was able to sell an overwhelming
amount of tickets to this year’s event, which has raised lots of money
for the charity. Since they were so successful, you’ll receive three
tickets to the Taste of the Nation event. So you’ll receive:

Ticket 1: For you!  Have fun attending Taste of the Nation!
Ticket 2: Raffle this ticket off on your blog (see details below)
Ticket 3: You can use this ticket to bring a guest, or give to your
raffle winner to bring a guest.

I was so excited! I love what Taste of the Nation is doing. They are giving 100% OF TICKET SALES  to support SHARE OUR STRENGTH’S EFFORTS TO END CHILDHOOD HUNGER.

I will be raffling off the third ticket on my blog very soon 😉

As if the day couldn’t get any better, after returning home from an intense KB class and shopping I received two packages in the mail 🙂


I can’t wait to show you the fun goods! I will show you the great buys I got at Marshall’s for Ragnar and this weekend. The sun dress it too cute! All for just $25!!!


It’s about time I got another running hat! Sorry it’s blurry not sure what was up with my camera tonight.



Dinner was fabulous! I was being super creative while trying to keep it simple, because it was 8:00pm when I started.


I started cooking the meat in some O Olive Oil, coming to my shop very soon! This is some of the best EVOO I have ever used.


Italian Seasoning


I cooked my turkey meat until brown and then added in some spinach…


Butternut squash….


plus chopped tomatoes


Cooking away!


Then added the Organic Marinara Sauce.


I loved all the color!


Hubby’s was boring, but that’s the way he likes it 🙂


I shredded some fresh carrots on top for a little crunch and poured my veggie mixture over a cup of ww pasta.


I had a little red wine with dinner as well. I had about two sips and decided not to.


I wanted this instead!


These things are sooooo perfect! Just enough 🙂


Time to read! Then call it a night 🙂

Tomorrow morning I am planning on going for a restful walk with Bosco, it’s my day of rest from exercise!!!!